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Introducing #1 iAuditor Alternative to digitize all the elements of your inspection and safety operations. Trusted by thousands of companies, Axonator is the perfect recipe for achieving enterprise mobility & digital transformation in record time while managing costs.

How Axonator Makes It Easier

Axonator’s no-code platform combined with professional services enables us to the industry-specific, fully customizable mobile as well as web-based solutions for rapid digital transformation through business process automation.

Axonator Vs iAuditor

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No-code Platform

Doesn’t have a no-code platform. They offer ready but customizable solutions that are built keeping mobile phones in mind.

Have a proprietary no-code platform for mobile app development that is built keeping mobile phones and tablets in mind.

Use Cases

Use cases are limited to inspection, safety, and quality apps. Apps are mostly checklist-based.

Support thousands of use cases from simple digital checklists to complex mobile apps.


Support customizable mobile app development solutions  only related to safety, quality, and inspections.

No-code architecture combined with our professional services enables us to create customizable solutions that fit your processes.

Complex Scenarios

Too much simplified ( checklist-based ) apps that can’t support complex, real-world scenarios

Perfectly supports non-trivial, complex real-world needs.


Good user experience. Although it depends on the person who uses the software.

A feature-rich, advanced platform with a unique UI that makes the application easy to use for all users.


It also includes customizable reporting that includes your brand logos, summary reports, signatures, and more.

Automated customizable reporting that includes your brand logos, summary reports, signatures, and more.


Workflows are not entirely customizable to fulfill your unique needs.

No-code architecture to design unique workflows, escalations, and reminders that fits your unique needs.

Security Measures

Security is an afterthought.

Advanced security measures like custom access rights and security, roles, and permissions, AWS compliance, and more.


Users can scale their apps but it comes with complex development and is limited to few use cases.

All mobile apps are scalable as per changing business needs to fit new requirements.


It offers less cost control over application development which may result in huge charges.

Pay only for what you use. No-code app development and short development timeline offer complete cost over app development.


Time to market depends on the complexity of the solution.

Delivers solutions in the fastest time using a no-code platform no matter how complex your requirement is.

Implementation Approach

The implementation method depends on the customers.

The company consults customers about a unique ‘Micro App’ strategy: a strategy that drives digital transformation in a step-by-step manner.

Advanced Capabilities to Transform Data Collection

Make your data come to life by using forms, taking photos, and adding annotations to them. Increase data effectiveness collecting by including date/time stamping, GPS, signature, and more. Automatically send this data through custom workflows to trigger escalations, followup actions, alerts, and notifications.  

Generate Reports & Insights Automatically

Generates single-record PDF reports by automating the distribution of data to the appropriate recipients. Make sense of data quickly and efficiently by automating report production and making data-driven choices based on the information included in the reports.

Better Support for Field as well as In-house Scenarios

Powerful native mobile apps that are suitable for both field as well as in-house scenarios. Automate repetitive tasks like inspections or audits, maintenance, asset management, and more. 

Mobile app makes facility management super easy.

Axonator’s professional team helped us implement their unique MicroApps strategy in our organization. What baffles me is the speed of delivery and the way they delivered consumer-grade user experience to an enterprise-grade app which is unprecedented in the enterprise world with the typical dry and dreaded user experiences.

Adam Schwartz

CEO, A Supply Chain Company

What Makes Axonator Stands Out?

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No-Code Architecture

Drag and drop no-code platform that empowers citizen developers to create form-based mobile apps.

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Custom Workflows

Create workflows that fit precisely in your processes. Achieve business process automation with as ease.

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Automated Report Generation

Always know what is happening within organization with automated report generation.

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Enterprise-Grade Integration

Break the data silos by integrating software with any third party or legacy software.

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Advanced Features

Powerfully advanced yet easy-to-use features to fulfill complex requirements.

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Easy Deployment

Axonator stands out when it comes to deployment. You will never come across such easy-to-implement software

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