Hotel QR Code Scan App Redefining The Hospitality Sector

Crafted especially for hotels, the hotel QR code scan app augments your reach, delivers a great consumer experience, encourages cost savings and increases productivity of the staff singlehandedly

Gear Up For A Warm Welcome To Accelerated Digital Revolution

The Axonator platform is helping businesses spanning different domains all over the globe to leverage the potential of micro apps for superior functioning.

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Digitized Menu

Digital menus are accessible through QR codes packed with high-quality images to let customers order easily and quickly. 

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Easily Updated

You can easily update information in your restaurant or cafe menu like price changes and addition of new products. The associated QR code remains the same.

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Touch Free Experience

Extend a touch-free ordering experience to your customers and this is a sought-after functionality during the prevailing pandemic for both convenience and safety.

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The hotel QR code scan app allows patrons to pre-order and reserve a table and even avail the prepayment facility. All the details can be easily monitored for effective management of this process

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Increased Turnover

Important details like order status, customer history, orders under execution can be accessed and managed easily for increased customer satisfaction and turnover.

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Mobile Analytics

The app is equipped to provide a dashboard view of key data like the location of QR scans, timings, device type used and services accessed. 

Elevate Your Business To The Next Level

Using the QR code functionality through the Axonator micro apps for the hospitality sector improves customer engagement and offers a memorable experience to guests.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

A Next Gen App For Hotels and Restaurants

Hotel QR Code Scan App For Room Service


Guests can scan the available QR code placed strategically in your room service catalogue and other places for easily accessing room service and digital menus for a great staying experience. Even if your menu changes, you can easily update it without having to reprint a new QR code. 

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Logic Driven Workflows For Streamlined Services

Specifically configured workflows for enhancing the QR code functionally enables your hotel or restaurant staff to offer better customer service

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Advanced Workflows Meant For Speed And Convenience

Customized Event QR Code

Your hotel guests can easily get information about the interesting activities and events going on in and around your hotel by a customized event QR code.


The QR code can be customized to include info like date and time of the event, location, contact person and event description. Your guests, if interested, can save the event information on their smartphone calendar so that they don’t miss out.  

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Derive Genuine Insights From QR Codes

The hotel QR code scan app can be used not only for reinforcing your marketing and customer service, but also for getting high-quality reports and insights.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Superior Data Representation and Analytics

Collect Valuable Customer Feedback Easily

Gathering customer feedback is a sureshot way to improve your service and refine your offerings based on their preferences. You can achieve this by placing a feedback QR code on each table of your restaurant. Your customers can scan the QR code and store the feedback form on their smartphone, fill it as per their convenience and submit the feedback through email. 

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Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Interactive and Dynamic Marketing Through QR Codes

Facilitating Business Resilience In The Hospitality Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic resulted in tough times for the hospitality sector. The Axonator platform is facilitating businesses in this sector to leverage technology for bouncing back and being adaptive to changing business environments

Innovative Customer Engagement Tool

The hotel QR code scan app enables businesses in the hospitality sector to innovate and redefine their marketing for better customer engagement.

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Anytime and Anywhere

Digital menus, marketing collateral and other information readily available to customers anytime, anywhere on multiple device types.

Public Assistance Programs

Cost Effective

QR codes facilitate cost-effective operations and you can save time and money by creating digital menus for offering more to your customers.

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The app supports various languages so that you can get better reach for your marketing efforts and reach out to more people in the language they prefer.

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