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Axonator helpdesk management software is an excellent tool for organizations to streamline their ticketing systems, IT management, and customer service efforts by integrating these diverse divisions in a single mobile app and a web-based system for efficiently solving the service requests raised by the users.

Pave an Intelligent Way For Speedy Resolution of Service Requests

Axonator helpdesk management software is a customizable, cost-effective, enterprise-grade software designed to make your service delivery faster, better, and more efficient leading to the smooth resolution of service requests raised by users.

A Helpdesk System That Leaves a Positive Impact on Your Business’ Multiple Facets

Easily Raise Tickets on the go Using a Mobile or Scanning a QR Code

Users can easily raise tickets/service requests on the go using their smartphone by filling up the digital form available in the app. Users can also raise a ticket by scanning the QR code placed strategically at different locations. On scanning, the app instantly displays the relevant service request form that the users can easily fill.
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Axonator | Workflow Management Software

Automatic Routing of Service Requests To The Correct Technician

Workflows in helpdesk management software can be configured to automatically assign service requests to the correct technician based on their level of expertise and the nature of the service request. This significantly cuts the response time of helpdesk managers and ensures that no service request is left unassigned.

Assign Priorities To Each Service Request As Defined in SLA

Helpdesk managers can prioritize the assignment of each service request based on the request type and the stipulated response time for that request as defined in the SLA. Urgent requests can be assigned on priority.
Axonator | Workflow Management Software
Axonator | Project Helpdesk App Builder

Better Data Analysis with Centralised Dashboard

Customized dashboard to consult the status of all assigned work orders, maintenance schedules and use filters to drill down information. Get an idea about what is going in your business on the field. And this data can be used to strengthen your strategy.

Seamless Integration With Third-Party Platforms

The Axonator helpdesk management software can be seamlessly integrated with your existing CRM system or any other third-party platform to ensure a smooth flow of data from our app to your platform and vice versa, saving both your time and efforts and positively influencing your bottom line.
CMMS Integration

Deliver The Satisfaction Your Customers Deserve

Leverage Automation For Faster Service

Axonator helpdesk management software automates repetitive tasks like assigning tickets as per the set criteria, creating and emailing task completion reports, generating alerts/notifications on escalations, and many others to increase efficiency and faster service.

Track Tickets in a Systematic Calendar View

Tickets can be tracked and managed using the card view interface available in the Axonator helpdesk management software with drag and drop functionality to change the status of tickets with just a flick of your finger.

Automatic Generation of Reports On Ticket Closure

Workflows in the app can be configured to automatically email the user a feedback request once their service request has been completed. Completion reports are automatically generated and mailed to the relevant stakeholders once the status of a ticket has been changed to closed.

Instant Alerts/Notifications Generated On Escalations

Notifications/alerts are instantly relayed to the concerned personnel if a service request crosses a threshold value on the escalation if the service request is not resolved in the stipulated time as defined in the SLA.

Comprehensive Reports and Dashboards To Make Data-Driven Decisions

Get enhanced visibility regarding important parameters like ticket traffic, service ratings, average response time, average resolution time for each service request category, and much more for fast and informed decision-making.

Customizable Cross-Platform Availability

The helpdesk management software is available both on the Android and iOS platforms for large-scale adoption. The app is customizable as per your specific requirements and you can have the app interface in the language of your choice.

How can Axonator HelpDesk Management Software Help Your Business?

Axonator Helpdesk Management Software is developed to be your one-stop solution for resolving customer complaints quickly and efficiently by automating the complaint resolution process with the ticket management system. The app gives you the ability to raise tickets quickly, manage the tickets on the go if you are not present in the office, and continuously monitor the progression of service requests/tickets raised by the users.
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Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator’s no/low code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other low no/low business process automation platform.
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