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Healthcare survey templates can even be customized by you using our
simple ‘drag and drop’ app builder tool. Build your own mobile
form using “Drag and Drop”.

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Trusted by Public & Private Sectors Across The World

Trusted by Public & Private Sectors Across The World

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Build Electronic Capture Forms for healthcare survey software

Build Electronic Capture Forms

Build Electronic Capture Forms

Every research project is different. Using Axonator we can build any complex survey form with skip logics, patterns, validation rules which ensures completeness and consistency of the data.

Data Cleanup Workflow for survey software

Setup Data Cleanup Workflows

Ensure Completeness & Consistency of The Data

Capture superior quality data by reducing data entry errors. Validation Rules are electronic checks defined in advance which ensure the completeness and consistency of the data.

Easy Statistical Setup of Dashboards and Reports​ With Axonator

Setup Statistical Dashboards and Reports

Generate Stunning Reports Without Manual Work

Dashboard provide analytical studies, trends, comparative reports, etc and put key indicators in the dashboard for further study and analysis for the researchers. Export PDF, CSV, Excel reports.

Data collection form in healthcare survey software
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Ensure Compliance & Regulatory Requirements

Data Security & User Access Protection

Our platform built on the top of HIPPA compliant Amazon Web Services cloud

Make Your Healthcare Survey Software Faster, Error Free and Robust

Axonator supports essential survey features like biometric scanning, offline survey collection, multi language, KPI dashboard for insights.

Bio-metric info of patients with healthcare survey software

Scan Fingerprints of Participant

Axonator supports fingerprint scanning while collecting participant's biometric data.

Participant​ Face Recognition for healthcare survey

Face Recognition of Participant

Axonator supports face recognition scanning while collecting participant's biometric data.

Participant Scan Iris

Scan Iris of Participant

Axonator supports iris scanning while collecting participant's biometric data.

Offline​ data collection

Collect Data Offline

Collect responses even when there is no internet available and sync data automatically.

Multi Language Support in healthcare surveys app

Multi Language Support

Create your survey in more than 100 languages & run survey in several translations.

healthcare servery software reports monitor

KPI Dashboard

Monitor your program with key indicators in the reports and dashboards.

Axonator Simplifies The Critical Healthcare Surveys!

Improve efficiency with configurable forms that connect with your existing process and systems. We understand every research project is different!

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Build electronic questionnaires

Build large forms with skip logics and patterns along with validation rules, form widget visibilities, use advanced widgets to build the complex survey forms.

Standardize survey program processes using workflow engine

Workflow will help to automate the survey processes like what will hapen after submitting survey which will let you focus on what's important for you.

Collect Data Using Mobile Forms & Web Forms

Collect data using mobile forms & web forms

Axonator's native Android and iOS apps works on all devices. Surveyors can also fill the form on desktop web browsers.

Research & survey analytical dashboard

Dashboard generates analytical studies, comparative reports, trends, etc which allows researchers to visualize their data with charts and conduct statistical analysis for further study.

Research & Survey Analytical Dashboard​

Visualize survey facilities with geographic information system

Axonator's native Android and iOS apps works on all devices. Surveyors can also fill the form on desktop web browsers.

Data privacy & data security

Axonator healthcare survey software follows the strict standards and protecting algorithms to keep complete survey data private and secure.

Deployed Digital Surveys for Various Programs!

HIV/AIDS Assessment Program to Make Data Available for Government

COVID-19 Symptoms Assessment & Travel History Survey

Disability Population Survey to Avail Government Policies Healthcare Survey Software

Disability Population Survey to Avail Government Policies

We Solve The Problems of The Problem Solvers

We automate the entire process while still keeping it flexible as it will differ for each research project

Axonator UCL coronavirus self declaration mobile app
UCL institute of education

Axonator team built an end-to-end survey app for the department of civil, environmental & geomatic engineering for an ambitious program of health impact assessment (HIA).

Department of Civil, Environmental & Geomatic Engineering, UCL


Build COVID-19 Survey Using Axonator

Our attempt to contribute to the eradication of the Coronavirus pandemic which is affecting the entire world is here. We are giving this mobile app away for free to healthcare workers and volunteers around the world.