Healthcare Apps for On-Demand Health and Safety Processes

Mobile medical forms customized for doctors and healthcare professionals to conduct patient screening, recording medical history, and other critical functions.

Trusted by Public & Private Sectors Across The World

Trusted by Public & Private Sectors Across The World

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Boosting Healthcare Infrastructure to Transform Patient Care

Healthcare industry specific apps with diverse functions designed for providing quality management and support systems for better functioning. 

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Optimized Patient Care

Reinforce established medical systems with mobile forms for faster response time.

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HIPAA Compliant Mobile Forms

We implement robust security protocols to safeguard sensitive medical data and are HIPAA compliant.

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Capture Digital Signature

Capture digital signatures easily for simplified consent forms and other patient approvals.

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Simplified Patient Intake Forms

Easily collect critical patient information before admission for assessing patient needs in advance.

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Conduct Medical History Surveys

Collect accurate medical history of patients for informed and personalized treatment.

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Coordinated Response to Counter Pandemics

Create effective and scalable solutions to deal with health emergencies like the Coronavirus pandemic.

Healthcare Forms Designed For Doctors and Medical Professionals

Healthcare forms by Axonator offer compatibility and coordination between patients and medical staff for better results.

Better Healthcare Processes

Healthcare Compliances Simplified

Improve mandatory compliances by conducting safety inspections, incident reporting, insurance audits, and patient screening among others. Minimize risk and fulfill all KPI’s related to efficient healthcare.

Healthcare Compliances Simplified​

Dynamic Workflows For Expediting Healthcare

Eliminate unwanted bottlenecks that delay healthcare to the needy. Workflows designed to redirect relevant medical data depending on conditions specified and the ability to send notifications.

Create Effective Workflows

Multifaceted Healthcare Apps For Every Situation

Especially relevant during a pandemic, perform and report hazard analysis, send timely alerts to people and identify a clear cut approval process for executing every workflow

Multifaceted Healthcare Apps For Every Situation ​

Perform Rigorous Analysis and Integration of Collected Data

The collected medical data is stored in PDF or in any specified format, and can be routed instantaneously to sophisticated web dashboards.

Automated Reporting For Quick Response

Targeted Healthcare Applications

Digitize various types of medical data like authorization forms, patient records, medical history, evaluation templates and others securly. 

Access the collected medical info anytime, anywhere and route it various stakeholders without any manual intervention. 

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Integrate Mobile Forms With Any Software

In the modern enterprise IT landscape, applications are expected to work together. That’s why Axonator has robust open APIs and flexible data import/export capabilities that meet the most sophisticated integration requirements.

Reorienting Healthcare Processes For Maximum Impact

Related Apps

Improve efficiency with configurable forms that connect with your existing process and systems. We understand every research project is different!

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Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

Covid Alert

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