COVID-19 Health Screening App for your Employees and Visitors

Screen employees, visitors for COVID-19 health screening using HIPAA compliant mobile app. Store all data in one place and automatically generate compliance reports.

Safe, Digital, Contact-less Screening

  • Customize your questionnaire according to your needs

  • Ensure Contactless Visitor Screening Using QR-codes

  • Covid symptoms screening app for your employees & visitors. Optimized for smartphones & tablets - Android & iOS

  • Capture coronavirus symptoms, vaccinatation status and upload relevant documents along with pictures of their temperature on a thermometer

  • Generates actionable Covid-19 symptoms assessment reports automatically. Instantly share it with key stakeholders

  • Analytical dashboard for real-time monitoring of employee health. Take timely decisions.

  • Share auditable reports with healthcare authorities. Stay compliant with government mandates.

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Leading financial services firm ICG is using Axonator employee health screening app everyday!

Customize Questionnaire From Your Side For The App

Send us your COVID-19 screening questionnaire to develop an app based on your exact requirements. Effortlessly record data through mobile apps to generate actionable Covid-19 symptoms assessment and reports automatically.
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Send Instant PDF Reports to the Stakeholders

Get Real-Time Assessment Reports

Reports in PDF format are generated automatically from the submitted declarations in real-time. These reports can be sent to the HR team, field managers or your customers without any manual intervention, directly from the app.

Store All Declarations Centrally!

You can export it in PDF, Excel and CSV formats and import it in different software as per your needs.
Axonator's covid 19 self declaration app Store All Declarations in One Location

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Fortune 500 companies across the globe use Axonator employee health screening app to facilitate successful office reopening and stay compliant with regional government authorities.

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Get COVID-19 Self Declaration Mobile App for Employee Symptoms Screening!