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Introducing mobile-first hazardous waste management software to manage and track each step of waste management from – collecting waste data to labelling to shipment to treatment disposal, and every step in between.

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Do You Also Face Similar Hazardous Waste Management Challenges?

After talking to several organizations, we understood that safety professionals face almost similar challenges.

Hazardous Waste Management Software to Save Time, Money, and Efforts

Axonator hazardous waste management software will help your organization ensure compliance with all Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards while saving time & effort.

Ensure Compliance with Chemical Regulations

Use mobile apps to capture and track hazardous waste chemicals and substances to comply with Environment Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. Track and monitor waste accumulation and shipments, product bills of lading, and more. 

Easily Manage Your Chemicals and Materials Data

Implement mobile-first hazardous waste management software to capture and analyze hazardous material data from waste generation to waste transportation to certificate of destruction. Ensure proper disposal with approved and compliant resources.

Scan QR Codes to Access Complete Waste Information

Label waste containers with QR codes to easily access data from shipping, treatment operations transportation across any facilities or departments. Pull the correct information like where your waste is stored, for how long, as well as its final destination and who is responsible for it.

QR Code Based Hazardous Data Management

How Do You Manage Hazardous Waste Management Currently?

Paper Forms

I am using paper forms and it’s getting difficult to manage.

Desktop Software

I am already using software but it’s hard-to-use on the field.

Multiple Systems

We are an enterprise and need a customizable solution.

Generate Waste Reports Automatically

Automatically generate waste record reports with your emission credits for water and air compliance reporting. Easily generate and send all reports related to produced waste, its shipment, on-site and off-site treatment, recycling, and more to the responsible team.

Hazardous Data Management

Have In-Depth Visibility Over Waste Generation

Leverage the power of custom dashboard to have in-depth and comprehensive view about any waste generated from any process. Know when, where, and how the generated waste was treated or disposed of.

The Axonator Impact

Organizations using Axonator hazardous waste management software observed a significant reduction in hazardous waste. 

0 %

Reduction in Hazardous Waste Generation.

$ 0 M

Annual Savings in Hazardous Waste Management.

0 %

Reduction in Hazardous Waste Disposal Costs.

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Whether collecting hazardous waste management data or monitoring waste treatment operations, Axonator’s advanced features make the hazardous waste management accurate & efficient.

Track Waste Manifests

Easily track hazardous waste manifest information. Access each waste container with a QR code. Generate automated alerts, e-mails, or notifications and stay updated in real-time. 

Manage Waste Inventory

Effortlessly record, label, and track hazardous waste inventory. Trigger email alerts on hazardous waste age, quantities, and outstanding manifest returns to aid with compliance.  

Monitor Accumulation

Get waste accumulation-related data and metrics in an easy-to-read format with visual charts and figures. Make informed decisions, and prioritize your risk mitigation efforts.  

Hazard Waste Forms

Unlock clarity and increase issue visibility with multimedia like photos, videos, annotation, audio instructions, time stamps, and e-signatures. 

Waste Inspections Checklists

Mobile forms and checklists to inspect each waste container for compliance. Get a full history of all hazardous waste inspections completed, by date, time and location. 

Hazardous Waste Labels

Print fully customizable hazardous waste tracking labels with QR codes or barcodes to access data related to waste description, hazard class, and more. 


Track Waste Shipments

Easily manage hazardous waste shipments, track containers within a shipment. Easily report on final disposal cost of storage units. 

Customer Waste Collections

Record data related waste collected from a customer location. Manage hazardous waste profiles for all customers with easy-to-use mobile apps and dashboard. 

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Benefits You’ll Get After Implementing Hazardous Waste Management Software!

Simplicity in Managing Waste

Complex processes become simple to manage with built-in ERA standardized forms and intelligent data tracking. Data QAQC features, smart forms, and data archiving keep things user-friendly, fast, and efficient.

Updated Chemical Master List

Every waste report generated with Axonator utilizes our Master Chemical List, a completely up-to-date and exhaustive list of chemicals, including their classification and implications for regulatory reporting.

Enterprise-Wide Waste Compliance

Digital hazardous waste management for your entire business, departments, sites, staff, waste contractors, and off-site treatment locations helps companies in enterprise-wide compliance.

Advanced Speciation for Any Waste Type

Effortlessly analyze the specific chemical makeup of your waste, whether it’s a mixture of various substances or pure chemicals, and identify different types of waste based on your usage records.

Every Record You Need at Your Fingertips

Quickly and easily access the exact information you need, from waste amounts and emissions to processing and disposal information. This rigorous record-keeping will allow you to track better your business’s progression towards a zero landfill goal.

Regulatory Perfection

Submit exactly what you need to your regulator for your waste reporting and avoid the trap of over-reporting. Integrate with our built-in Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), Tier II, NPRI, OSHA, Title V, and other reporting features to ensure you always submit the correct information to your regulators and executives. 

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Axonator Hazardous Waste Management Software is Built Using Axonator No-Code Platform

Axonator supports your needs, whether building hazardous waste management software for your teams or mobilizing your existing systems and products.

Axonator No-Code Platform

No-code platform combined with professional services is the perfect recipe for delivering a customizable solution that fits your exact needs.

The Axonator reference app is built on the no-code platform to see the mobile app in action.

The no-code platform with ready components is capable of building enterprise-grade mobile apps.

Axonator No-Code Platform

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