Minimize Potential Risks with Hazard Risk Assessment Software

Evaluate the risks posed by each hazard using accurate data from your hazard risk assessment software. Report these findings to the management and work to eliminate them together with your team to avoid any impact on productivity. 

Hazard Risk Assessment Software

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Do You Also Face Similar Hazard Risk Assessment Challenges?

After talking to several organizations, we understood that all safety professionals face almost the similar challenges. 

Hazard Risk Assessment Software to Save Time, Money, and Efforts

Axonator hazard risk assessment software will help your organization ensure compliance with all Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) standards while saving time & effort. 

Effortlessly Monitor Hazards and Perform Risk Assessments

Easily log hazard-related data, report it to relevant stakeholders, and resolve potential risks using mobile-first hazard risk assessment software. Leverage the power of digital checklists to quickly perform risk assessments based on the probability and severity of hazards.

Hazard Risk Assessments
Notifications Reminders of Hazards

See Where Risks Exist in Real-Time with Notifications & Reminders

Send real-time notifications and reminders to inform employees of new or changing physical, chemical, biological, or psychological hazards. Enable your staff to respond quickly and take action to eliminate safety risks on the spot. 

Assign Corrective Actions to the Concerned Team

Delegate corrective and preventive actions (CAPA) to appropriate team members through the task scheduler. Add necessary information like the name of the safety violation, priority level, site location, supporting images, and deadlines and submit them to assign tasks from anywhere. 

How Do You Manage Hazard Risk Assessment Currently?

Paper Forms

I am using paper forms and it’s getting difficult to manage.

Desktop Software

I am already using software but it’s hard-to-use on the field.

Multiple Systems

We are an enterprise and need a customizable solution.

Automated Hazard Risk Assessment Reports

Make your formal hazard reporting process easy and smooth with automatic report generation. Add all the crucial details like who might be harmed and how and what needs to be done to control the risks without spending much time gathering notes and combining data from different sources. 

Hazard Risk Assessment Reports
Hazards & Potential Risks Dashboards

Get Full Visibility of Hazards & Potential Risks on Dashboards

Quickly identify and prioritize potential hazards on a customizable dashboard. Have an at-a-glance view of key information, such as the status of risk assessments, near-misses, incidents, frequency of compliance lapses, number of open tasks, and the severity of potential hazards. 

The Axonator Impact

Organizations using Axonator hazard risk assessment software observed a significant reduction in safety incidents & employee injuries.

0 %

Reduction in Safety
Incidents Within a Year.

8 0 %

Faster Corrective Responses

0 %

Reduction in Major Injuries
Within 6 Months.

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Whether analyzing hazard risk data or assigning corrective and preventive actions, Axonator’s advanced features make the hazard risk assessment process accurate & efficient.

Safety Observation Forms

Gather data in mobile forms and report potential hazards in real-time, right from the shop-floor. Access them from smartphones or tablets and customize them according to your needs. 

New Hazards Notifications

Send triggered notifications, alerts, and reminders with workflow automation. Alert users to any new hazards that may impact productivity or operations via email or in-app texts. 

Risk Analysis Dashboard

Get hazard-related data and metrics in an easy-to-read format with visual charts and figures. Make informed decisions, and prioritize your risk mitigation efforts with accurate insights. 

Hazard Control & Progress Reports

Automatically generate and export hazard control and progress reports in your preferred format. Get a comprehensive overview of hazard control efforts and progress toward safety goals.

Hazard Testing Checklists

Deploy highly customizable checklist apps that align with your risk assessment needs and procedures. Reduce data inaccuracies with conditional logic, validation, and other data input methods. 

Image Capture & Annotations

Take photos or videos of potential workplace hazards and attach annotations to add additional context and information. Enable safety managers to prioritize and schedule corrective actions.

CAPA Automatic Scheduler

Assign corrective actions to relevant team members and set a schedule for implementation. Ensure the completion of necessary tasks through prompt and efficient execution.

Compliance Calendar

Get a centralized view of all compliance obligations. Allow your employees to recognize safety violations and meet necessary regulatory requirements without receiving fines or penalties. 

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Benefits You’ll Get After Implementing Hazard Risk Assessment Software!

Greater Risk Awareness

Access real-time data and analytical models to better understand the hazard risks. Let your employees stay informed of new or changing risks and adapt their processes accordingly.

Fewer Safety Violations

Identify and mitigate potential risks with timely inspections or audits. The hazard risk assessment software’s notification system provides real-time visibility and power to respond quickly. 

Proper Documentation

Store and access data about potential hazards from a centralized platform. Easily maintain up-to-date records, including implementation of CAPA and compliance demonstrations. 

Fast Communication

With Axonator’s hazard risk assessment software, achieve faster and efficient communication. Reduce the time it takes to address potential hazards and improve overall operational safety.

Ready Data Insights

Get a complete picture of the potential risks to make informed decisions with ready insights. Just open the dashboard on your screen and get all the information you need at your fingertips. 

Effortless Data Sharing

Facilitate smooth data sharing among teams and break data silos. Centrally store and share data with different departments. Reduce the risk of errors and miscommunication. 

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Axonator Hazard Risk Assessment Software is Built Using Axonator No-Code Platform

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The no-code platform with ready components is capable of building enterprise-grade mobile apps.

Axonator No-Code Platform

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