Enterprise Grade GPS Tracking Solutions

Axonator helps businesses by providing them location intelligence through the GPS tracking app. This enables companies to adopt effective mobilization, process automation and optimization technologies for their operations.

Route Analytics

Ability to execute pre-decided actions whenever a vehicle, field technician or any other entity enters or exits a demarcated digital boundary through geofencing.
Geofencing​ GPS Tracking App


Ability to execute pre-decided actions whenever a vehicle, field technician or any other entity enters or exits a demarcated digital boundary through geofencing


Automated timesheet generation with start and stop buttons for accurate time tracking of field staff and ensuring data is only recorded when timer is enabled.

Gain A Strategic Advantage With Precise Location Intelligence

Axonator helps organizations of any size to leverage the GPS tracking app as a powerful regulatory tool with widespread applications for fleet management, sales teams and remote working.
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Fleet Management

The GPS tracking app ensures optimal functioning by easy generation of reports on fleet utilization, fuel consumption, and route planning. Reduce idle time of vehicles, minimize vehicle breakdown and empty miles.Valuable information like ridership numbers and route analytics can be used for evaluating and improving service quality and balance bus loads. Fleet management is greatly enhanced by identifying the best routes for reducing delays for school buses.
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Monitoring Field Personnel

The GPS Tracking App helps companies to assign tasks to field staff based on location proximity for faster execution. Easily view the status of service requests, work schedules and location history related to field staff. Improve employee engagement by involving them with the creation of their daily beat plan with rich graphics and detailed maps. Know the work history of your sales staff, places they visited and the route taken for better accountability.

COVID- 19 Hotspot Locator

Especially meant for vehicle fleets providing emergency services, get consolidated information about the COVID-19 hotspots and clusters for effective route planning leading to faster response. The GPS tracking helps in monitoring the healthcare staff in hotspots, with constant updates regarding their location for ensuring their safety and sending emergency help if needed.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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