Axonator GIS Data Collection App

The Axonator GIS data collection app helps you store, analyze and visualize mapping data to examine spatial relationships, patterns and trends. The GIS App has wide ranging applications in different sectors for rapidly collecting field data to create highly accurate and interactive mapping solutions.

Create Interactive Maps

Add points, polylines, polygons and other features to the digital maps to perform different tasks like measuring distance, calculate area of an enclosed space or define boundaries for geofencing and much more.

GIS data collection app Create Interactive Maps​
GIS Data Collection App Powerful Integration Capabilities ​

Powerful Integration Capabilities

The Axonator GIS data collection app supports the popular file formats in GIS and can also be integrated with any external GNSS receivers to get pinpoint accuracy of the maps. Integrate with any sector specific software depending upon the use with ability.

Designed For Field Operations

Monitor and track a variety of field operations and collecting info from sensors attached on various assets to know their location, current status and working condition.

GIS Data Collection App Designed For Field Operations ​

Integration with Legacy Systems

Send Data to Third Party Software

Powerful integration capabilities of Axonator mobile forms mean that systems are integrated seamlessly and quickly, and data can be securely moved from one system to another. You assume total control of your data and spend more time analyzing and using the collected data rather than spending time on technical or compatibility
CMMS Integration

Axonator GIS Data Collection App For Gathering Spatial Intelligence

Use the Axonator GIS App to expand the reach and effectiveness of your GIS operations.

Real-Time Location Tracking

The GIS data collection app is capable of real-time location tracking and representing the captured info on an interactive map. The app can also represent the historical data of the tracked object on a map over a period of time.

GIS Data Collection App Geofencing For Triggering Alerts ​

Geofencing For Triggering Alerts

With the geofencing feature, you can create a virtual geographical boundary on a map and anything that occurs within that boundary or if anything enters or leaves that designated area can trigger an alert.

Field Data Collection

The GIS data collection app is a handy tool to collect field data involving large teams to map large areas, even remote locations and gather info about structures, people, environment, services and various other attributes accurately and fast in such areas.

GIS Data Collection App Field Data Collection ​
GIS Data Collection App Geofencing For Triggering Alerts ​

Detailed Geographical Analysis

In addition, the GIS data collection app is capable of detailed geographical analysis of any area and attributes can be viewed on a map in context of gauging impact of a flood in disaster management or marking infection clusters for healthcare surveys.

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