Leverage the Axonator Modular App Solutions

The Axonator platform is based on a client-centric approach, and we have modeled our solutions to fulfill the specific needs of all types of clients, be it startups, small business, or a large organization. In view of this, we offer our clients micro apps with basic functions for using digital forms and dashboards.

Going A Step Further

Keeping in mind the more complex needs of our clients, we also offer an intermediate micro apps module, where workflows are also included in the functionalities of the apps, along with the digital forms and a dashboard view.

Introduce Workflows in Your Micro Apps for Greater Control

Workflows bring an element of control and a systematic flow to your business process that you wish to automate and streamline as per your enterprise mobility needs. Workflows enable you to design streamlined work processes that are aligned with your specific needs and modeled as per your particular sector or industry in which you are operating.

Axonator | Workflow Management Software for Micro Apps

Do More with Mobile Apps

Systematic & Structured Business Processes

For all the above processes, you need micro apps with the workflow functionality, workflows configured as per your specific business processes, that fulfill all the steps that are needed to be followed for implementing a systematic and structured process.

Introduce Automation for Greater Productivity

Taking a step further from just collecting data digitally, and displaying the collected data on a dashboard. Introduce workflows in your micro apps for automation, getting approvals for work completions, email reports to concerned personnel, and much more.

Create Intelligent Workflows

You can configure intelligent workflows that reflect your business processes. Seek approvals for conducting inspections or asset management tasks. Construct workflows that let you automate the reporting process. Ensure that everything on-site and in the office gets documented and reported.

Axonator | /Create Intelligent Workflows

Generate Specific Workflows For Specific Processes

Get greater visibility with enhanced documentation of your business processes with intelligent workflows. Grow more, be profitable, and get better engagement and productivity levels from your employees by measuring their performance holistically. Workflows enable you to do all this and much more.

A Combination of Digital Forms, Workflows and Dashboards For Greater Impact

Sky’s the limit with the Axonator. Leverage the power of enterprise mobility to make your workforce agile, nimble and in sync with the changing work landscape shaping up by rapidly evolving technology and unexpected events like a pandemic. Be prepared, making your business cope up and gain a strong foothold in your target market.

Axonator | Workflow Management Software

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