Form Builder: Build Custom Forms Without Coding

Drag-and-drop widgets on a canvas to build custom mobile forms as per your specific needs. Easily build forms with advanced features to ensure that you collect the right data, always.

Form Builder

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Watch: How to Build Forms Using Axonator​

Learn more about how to build custom forms step-by-step using Axonator form builder. Effortlessly create complex forms to fulfill the data collection needs of various industries.

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The Most Powerful Form Builder Available in Market

Drag-and-Drop Form Builder

Easily build custom mobile forms with no-code form builder using drag-and-drop functionality. You can build customized forms suited to your requirement without writing a single line of code.

30+ Widgets for Building Complex Forms

30+ Widgets for Building Complex Forms

Axonator form builder has 30+ widgets – photo, choice list, GPS location, signature, date & time, audio & video, barcode, QR code, parent-child records, sub forms, and more – to create powerful mobile forms that support complex requirements.

Advanced Features to Support Every Data Collection Need

Build forms with advanced features like auto-verify fields, data validation, form scripting, wizard mode, skip logic, visual cues, and more to support every data type of collection needs.

Advanced Features to Support Every Data Collection Need

Forms For Every Possible Use Case!

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Axonator form builder comes with advanced features that makes custom forms building easy and fast!

Why Axonator Form Builder?

Axonator form builder comes with advanced features, a variety widgets, and logics to build forms as complex as you like.

Build highly customizable forms as per your needs. Add, remove, delete, and upgrade form fields as per your processes to support data collection needs. 

Easily build form-based mobile apps compatible with iOS & android and web platforms. Deploy it once, and use it everywhere on your preferred platform.

Control what users can enter data into the form with data validation. It allows you to dictate specific rules. It also allows users to trigger a notification if users try to fill in and enter invalid data. 

Easily integrate collected data into third-party software and legacy system to assume total control of your data. Break data silos across the organization’s distributed environment. 

Digitize Your Quality Management Processes Within Week!

“If we had to deploy apps without the Axonator no-code platform, it would take months and a minimum of $250,000.”

Rowan Smith

IT Head, A Manufacturing Company

One Platform. Five Components. Infinite Possibilities.

Axonator’s five components work together to create a rapid app configuration experience and support infinite use case possibilities.

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