Axonator Field Service Management Software

Axonator field service management software is an essential part of businesses, especially the ones who deploy a large number of field staff for their operations. In this context, the Axonator field service management software is a boon for FM companies, deploying a large number of service and inspections staff for the implementation of their business processes.
Axonator | Field Service Management Software

Mobile-first Field Service Management

FM companies, big and small, deploy a considerable number of field staff, ranging from facility managers to service and inspection technicians for the implementation of their set systems and processes. These staff can be concentrated in a single building cluster, and for enterprise level FM companies, field staff can be scattered across large swathes of territory. Axonator field service software helps to track and manage such staff.
Axonator | Mobile-first Field Service Management
Axonator | Field Tracking Mobile App

Robust Monitoring and Tracking Capabilities

Axonator field service management software helps FM companies to strengthen their field staff monitoring, helping the field staff by tracking software, and also give valuable inputs to their technicians and inspectors real time, with the help of various apps and software, equipping such staff with tools and instruction to execute their work well.

Highly Flexible Mobile App Modules

All Axonator apps have a robust app architecture, leading to refinements and tinkering of the apps deployed, both at the micro and macro levels, leading to software being nimble and agile, and hence the apps can be scaled up as per the prevailing business environment.
Highly Flexible Mobile App Modules
Axonator | Offline Connectivity App

Offline Connectivity is a Boon for Field Staff

Axonator field service management software can also work in conditions where internet connectivity is less or absent, and still the apps can store and process captured data easily. This information can be retrieved when connectivity is restored, which facilitates the work of field technicians, inspector, maintenance personnel, etc.

On the Spot Reporting for Authentic Numbers

Axonator apps help field technicians, maintenance and repair staff, inspectors, supervisors and surveyors to send instant reports once their task has been completed. This is in the form of inspection reports, filling up maintenance logs, building condition surveys and many more, so that once the job is completed, the reports are at once mailed to the head-office, managers and the other support staff.
Axonator | Digital Reporting

Field Service Management Software for Prompt Service and Task Completion

The field service management apps/software result in high customer satisfaction, as each and every service request is addressed promptly, leading to great feedback and appreciation from the customers. All this ultimately results in improved business performance, having a positive impact on the bottom line. In addition, increased field visibility for managers results in greater performance levels and adherence to high quality and service delivery standards as well.

Axonator Field Service Management Software for Better Operations

The Axonator field service management software ensures that all field processes are carried out smoothly, not only resulting in better service delivery from the field staff deployed for solving the service requests, but also maintaining the installed building equipment and systems properly for smoother FM operations.
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Streamlined Process Workflows

Every business process is streamlined and even automatized for better flow and workability.
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Get Notified On-the-Go for better control

Facility managers get notifications immediately for every field process, helping them to be in control even if not present there physically.
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Customizable as Per Your Needs

All Axonator software is customizable as per your specific needs for better results and cost-effectiveness
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Open App Ecosystem

All Axonator apps, individual or available under app suites are open to third party apps for better performance and service delivery.
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Dashboards that Narrate the True Picture

All the collated numbers from the field data are displayed in informative dashboards, making the data turn alive, narrating the true picture of the field processes.
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Superior Reporting Mechanisms

The field service management software by Axonator has powerful capabilities for reporting, keeping you always in the know.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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