Enterprise Level Axonator Field Service Management App

Axonator field service management app expedites execution and management of service requests by on-site staff and improves operational processes for better customer experience.

Dynamic Field Service Management App

Customize a highly flexible, scalable and adaptable digital app platform suitable for reliable field service management.

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Accurate and Faster Data Collection

Facilitate speedy and accurate field data collection by streamlining related processes.

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Exceptionally Configurable and Scalable

Highly configurable app that easily molds as per the requirements of specific field services and procedures.

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Works Without Internet

App can work without any internet connectivity, a boon for field service staff working in remote areas.

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Easily Integrated

Effortless integration with any other app or existing IT data landscape.

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Enhanced Tracking and Monitoring

Effective monitoring and tracking capabilities for better visibility and process control.

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Automated Reporting

Generate automated reports, invoices and alerts for faster functioning.

Mobile Forms For Effective Field Service Delivery

Equip the entire field service management value chain with disruptive technology to foster positive change and better understanding of customer requirements.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Streamline Complex Business Processes

End-to-End Field Service Management Solutions

The field service management app empowers your on-site teams to provide an effortless and timely service to customers through value-added app functionalities. 

Forms For Every Imaginable Application Facility Management Software

Intelligent Sector-Specific Workflows

Configure intelligent workflows capable of refining the core business processes for better customer service and optimized functioning.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Complex Business Processes Simplified

Real Time Updates for Customers

Keep your customers informed with real time updates regarding the estimated time of arrival (ETA) of the service technician. 

Forms For Every Imaginable Application Facility Management Software

Bank On Reliable Insights

Automatic creation of complete service reports and invoices not only help improve your bottom line, but also provide you with accurate and deep insights for effective leadership and decision making.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Leverage Real-Time Field Service Matrices

Understand the Broader Picture

Get a 360-degree view of your business processes, products and field staff consolidated in a single data repository. Dashboards view facilitates graphical representation of data for gaining deeper insights.

Forms For Every Imaginable Application Facility Management Software
Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Making Field Service Teams Adjust to the ‘New Normal’

Differentiate Your Brand

Gain a competitive edge and differentiate your brand by providing excellent customer service aided by the field service management app.

Empower Your Field Service Teams

Direct your field service teams towards excellence and quality performance by equipping them with the Axonator field service management app.

HIV/AIDS Assessment Program

Workforce Safety

Enable workers to document and act on EHS aspects for improving safety and awareness.

Public Assistance Programs

GPS Tracking

Field workers can easily find the correct location using the GPS tracking feature.

Disability Population Survey

Information Sharing

Significantly reduce return visits and no-shows with enhanced information sharing.

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