Axonator Feedback App

The Axonator feedback app helps you to record and measure customer feedback, customer satisfaction levels and service quality provided. Gather customer feedback from different locations and platforms with our app and improve your service delivery and profitability.

Axonator Feedback App
Gather Customer Feedback Easily via Feedback App of Axonator

Gather Customer Feedback Easily

The Axonator Feedback App can create customized feedback forms accessible from any device type, mobile or tablet to measure the satisfaction levels of customers and any suggestions for improvement or complaints. Fields can be added or changed in the feedback form as per your specific requirements to record the information that you are interested in the most. The collected feedback can be saved in PDF format and mailed to relevant stakeholders.

Use Feedback For Different Purposes

Feedback of any type can be easily collected using the Axonator Feedback App. This can be in the form of customer complaints, evaluation of any service provided, points for improvement, knowing customer preferences, collecting customer demographics, collection of feedback through different channels like tablets, smartphones, and SMS.

Use Feedback For Different Purposes ​- Axonator
Customer Feedback Touchpoints ​- Axonator Feedback App

Customer Feedback Touchpoints

The feedback app is capable of collecting information from different touch points like through a tablet kiosk when a customer is paying at the billing counter, feedback through smartphone, embedding links on social media or even through QR codes placed at billing counters. 

Never Ignore The Voice of Your Customers

Improve efficiency with configurable forms that connect with your existing process and systems. We understand every research project is different!

Different Use Cases Feedback App

Different Use Cases

The Axonator Feedback App can also be used to collect info for market research, and for gathering a cross sectional view of participants at different events, training sessions or exhibitions. The feedback app is also ideal for companies to record employee feedback regarding work, office culture and various other important parameters. 

A Personalized Interface​ Feedback App - Axonator

A Personalized Interface

The Feedback App can be customized as per the user requirements to reflect the company branding along with the logo, selected fonts and color schemes and design format of feedback forms. Everything about the Axonator Feedback App can be personalized and the app can be molded as per the type of feedback to be recorded.

Mobile First Axonator App Ecosystem

The Axonator platform presents a comprehensive ready to use and customized app ecosystem for various industries and use-cases specifically designed for enhancing field-based processes.

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Utilize Multiple Functionalities ​via Axonator's Feedback App

Utilize Multiple Functionalities

The Axonator Feedback App is loaded with rich features that enable you to capture customer feedback in different formats like text, audio or videos. Feedback through the app can be collected even offline and the data is synced once internet access is restored. The feedback app also supports multiple languages for maximum impact.

Highly Flexible Feedback App Architecture

Highly Flexible App Architecture

The feedback app interface is intuitive for easy usage and it supports different types of feedback form templates which you can choose from. The app can be operated through a kiosk mode and is capable of advanced reporting collecting data points from the customer feedback. The collated data can be downloaded in any format like PDF or Excel.

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