Fully Customizable Facility Management Mobile App

Axonator offers customizable and intuitive industry specific Facility Management software for activities like incident reporting, site inspections, among others.

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Transform The Way You Operate

Facility Management apps targeting functions like inspections, data collection, housekeeping and maintenance to transform the way you operate for the better. 

Streamline Operations

Better productivity in all of your processes has a positive impact on your bottom line.

Improve Customer Service

Employees can work faster, enabling them to focus more satisfying customer needs.

Effective Supervision

Ensure adherence to the SOPs on site and fulfilling all the mandated compliances.

Automated Reporting

Our Facility Management Software automatically generates and mails reports in the chosen format.

Valuable Business Insights

Get real-time, accurate and valuable insights to help you in taking informed business decisions.

Eliminate Outdated Processes

Replace inefficient processes like collecting data using pen and paper to cut manual labor.

Highly Functional Mobile Forms

You can leverage the flexible Axonator platform and use forms loaded with advanced features to streamline activities like inspections and maintenance.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Solutions

Forms For Every Imaginable Application

Housekeeping checklists, daily inspection forms, compliance forms, site surveys and various other forms- augment your business processes for gaining a competitive edge.

Automated Workflows For Cutting Response Time

Axonator’s Facility Management software can design multi-steps workflows for conducting site inspections and preventive maintenance.

Leverage Dynamic Workflows

Automated workflows for activities like:

Configure Workflows As Per Your Need

Our Facility Management software can configure workflows to automate ticket-generation based on the specific responses in the forms.

Facility Management Insights Dashboard

Consolidated visual data of all your sites is represented clearly in the dashboard for better visibility to make critical business decisions.

High Quality Reports

Generate various types of reports like site inspection reports or maintenance reports and evaluate the real picture for better service and control. Act on the reports to prevent accidents or to enforce compliances.

Image Annotation for Superior Documentation

During inspections, if you find any problem, you can document it by taking pictures, annotate the problem, and insert relevant notes. The ability to click pictures and to annotate them helps site inspectors in better documentation and reporting.

Visitor and Facility Management System

Integrate Mobile Forms With Any Software

In the modern enterprise IT landscape, applications are expected to work together. That’s why Axonator has robust open APIs and flexible data import/export capabilities that meet the most sophisticated integration requirements.

Feature Rich Axonator's Facility Management Software

Feature Rich Facility Management Software

Mobile First Axonator App Ecosystem

The Axonator platform presents a comprehensive ready to use and customized app ecosystem for various industries and use-cases specifically designed for enhancing field-based processes.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Asset Management solutions helps companies to streamline their physical inventories and take control of their valuable assets...

Attendance Management

Attendance Management

The Axonator attendance management app uses cutting edge facial recognition tech for recording employee attendance...

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

The Axonator Work Order Management App helps in the creation and execution of an effective system of managing workflows through...

Visitor Management

Visitor Management

The Axonator platform delivers seamless and secure visitor experience based on face recognition tech for touchless operations...

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Axonator inventory management solutions are instrumental in seamless and easy tracking of inventory through mobile devices for better control...

Maintenance & Repair Management

Maintenance & Repair Management

The Axonator maintenance and repair management solutions enable your on-site personnel and technicians to easily conduct maintenance

Inspections & Approvals

Inspections & Approvals

Axonator offers digital forms specific for conducting inspections and approvals that are optimized for your field applications...

Enterprise BMS

Enterprise BMS

The Axonator Enterprise BMS (Building Management System) enables automation of buildings and various associated systems using...

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder
Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Facility Management Mobile Platform

Our mobile app adapts to your way of doing business instead of asking you to change your process to fit our app.