Facility Management Mobile App For Augmenting Service Delivery

Transform the way you manage the facility management operations to leverage the potential of mobile apps for better performance and enhanced customer service.

Facility Management Mobile App For Augmenting Service Delivery​

Assorted Range of Feature-Rich Facility Management Mobile Apps

Our facility management mobile app is equipped with various features that help in effective monitoring and better functioning of critical activities spanning building maintenance, workforce management and compliance tracking to name a few.

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Collect Data in Different Formats

The facility management mobile apps are designed to collect accurate data in the form of audio, video, images, barcodes/QR codes and digital signatures.

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Generate Instant Notifications

Automatically generate instantaneous notifications of the scheduled maintenance activities, new service requests, surveys and inspections.

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Accessible from Smartphones and Tablets

Building maintenance teams can easily access the app on-site for better management of service requests, inspections and remedial actions.

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Flawless Integration With Existing Platforms

Data collected through the apps can be easily integrated with any existing data management system by using our standard APIs.

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Informative Dashboards for Data Interpretation

Facility managers are able to gain a holistic overview of all the FMS activities going on in different sites without having to leave their office with the help of insightful dashboards.

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Real-Time Reporting for Enhanced Functioning

Optimize the collected data for getting real-time updates on different FMS activities for better visibility and visualizing the emerging trends easily.

Multiple Applications Impacting All Facility Management Services

Axonator facility management mobile app is utilized for performing multiple functions involved in FMS like building maintenance, HVAC systems, and optimizing the plumbing, electrical, and fire protection components among others in a way that ensures optimized functioning while maintaining the necessary safety and security protocols.

Realigning Priorities For Strategic Gains​ (Facility Management App)

Realigning Priorities For Strategic Gains

Preferred By FMS Companies

A host of features like GPS, geofencing, image/video capture, QR codes, barcode scanning and superior documentation make the facility management mobile app the first choice for every FMS company.
Effective on-site monitoring for building maintenance, compliances, pending tasks and SLA violations makes your workforce a cut above the rest.

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Create Adaptive Workflows Responding to Changing Requirements

Main advantage of the Axonator platform is the flexible nature of the apps that can be updated, scaled or modified depending on the ever-changing requirements, especially true for the FMS sector.

Cost-Effective and Targeted Facility Management App

Customized Workflow Configuration

Automated Workflows For Seamless Functioning

The wide ranging functions in facility management are better coordinated, scheduled and documented with the facility management mobile app. Elaborate workflows are designed to achieve increased productivity and quality.

facility management app Automated Workflows For Seamless Functioning​

Generate Comprehensive Reports Effortlessly

The facility management mobile app is loaded with features that makes reporting a cakewalk for facility managers. Automate report generation and use the consolidated field data for making critical business decisions and improving on-site processes.

Axonator facility management appEnhanced Reporting Capabilities​

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Real-Time Reporting For Greater Control

The real-time reporting capabilities of the facility management mobile app lets managers identify bottlenecks and enhanced visibility of all on-site processes.

Axonator facility management app Real-Time Reporting For Greater Control​
Axonator facility management app Transform Facility Management Processes For The Better​

Transform Facility Management Processes For The Better

Digitize Building Inspections, Maintenance and Audit With Facility Management App

Leverage the Axonator platform to digitize facility management processes to gain a competitive edge.

Facility Management App For A Complete Digital Transformation

Leverage the power of the Axonator platform for creating highly customized micro apps that allow optimized resource allocation and increased productivity levels.

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Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

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