Facility Maintenance Management Solutions


Axonator facility maintenance management systems ensure streamlined delivery of building services such as electricity supply, water and other utilities, cleaning services, etc. for uninterrupted services to ensure better habitable building environment.

Axonator Facility Maintenance Management Solution


Axonator facility maintenance management solution streamlines, automates, facilitates, and augments different maintenance services coming under FM domain for better service and greater client/customer satisfaction.

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FM solutions on the Go


Facility managers need not present at their specific building site/s or clusters for managing and allocating specific tasks. A highly mobile solution that helps facility managers to devote necessary time to strategic decisions than on daily routine activities.

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Automation Workflows


Automation workflows that ease and channalize each and every facility management tasks come bundled with our software. Axonator facility maintenance software helps you to save time, optimal use of resources, and a greater focus on things that deserve your attention.

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Easily Adaptable


Our robust app architecture ensures that Axonator software modules can be easily implemented, have minimal training requirements, little or no adoption issues, are easily scalable up or down as per the evolving business needs, leading to better visibility and control.

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Focused Approach


Axonator facility maintenance management software ensures that building site FM managers can focus on specific building maintenance and management tasks as per their priorities, remotely or in person for a better impact and greater accountability.

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High Impact Software


High impact software that is a hallmark of all Axonator products leads to better services, making your clients happy and also ensures that building occupants don’t have to face any kind of issues that may lead to adverse client feedback impacting FM operations.

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Better Analysis


Latest data, collected from different data points such as sensors, equipment performance parameters like the function of DG sets or elevators is collected with the help of our FM software module for fast and data-backed decision making.

Building Maintenance at Your Fingertips

Axonator facility maintenance management systems can be easily managed through smartphones, facility managers need not be physically present on particular building sites for allocation of maintenance tasks leading to saving of time and better convenience both for the building occupants and the service staff.

Logical and Systematic Decision Making


Our configurable workflows that are present in every Axonator software systems lead to systematic and highly logical decision making, in view of predictive maintenance and clarity for facility managers for presenting the appropriate reports and analysis to the higher management, expanding the field of vision as everything is laid out as per distinct data-sets, good for faster and better decision making processes for gaining a competitive edge.

Axonator's Facility Maintenance Management Software Logical and Systematic Decision Making

Highly Receptive Facility Management Software


Axonator facility maintenance management software can be integrated with appropriate third party software platforms leading to seamless integration. You spend less time on resolving technical issues and can devote more time in expanding your business, a win-win situation for all, as FM companies can give streamlined services and building occupants get all the comfort with perfect service delivery.

Work Order Management Simplified


Facility managers can manage different building clusters on the go, with our facility maintenance management software delivering excellent services through a streamlined work order management. This ensures equipment like elevators, pumps, lighting services, solid waste management, etc. are maintained in prime condition and are ready for any eventuality.

Reduced Reaction Time with Impactful Performance of Building Systems


Facility managers are happy as the Axonator facility maintenance management software ensures that maintenance of different building systems and subsystems are better managed without them being involved in-person. This feature is highly relevant in case of any emergency situation consisting of natural or man-made calamity, where the chain of decision-making is highly streamlined with the help of our software modules that lead to reduced reaction time, vital for situations requiring quick thinking and a coordinated response.

Mobile Ready Facility Maintenance Management Software for Sector Specific Needs​​

Facility maintenance management software that is available both in web-based versions and also has facets like enterprise mobility, SSO, and others are highly popular and in-demand currently. Such kinds of software are used by facility managers stationed at different locations like in institutional buildings like universities, schools, hospitals, metro stations, etc. and help them to manage critical functions of different building systems and subsystems, better maintenance and tracking and this ensures enhanced safety and order.​​

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