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Keynote Speakers
Vinay Kardile
Digital Transformation
Expert, Axonator

Aarohi Kulkarni

Product & Solution Head ,

Vinay Kardile
Digital Transformation
Expert, Axonator
Aarohi Kulkarni
Product & Solution Head ,

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Webinar Agenda

To decode how manufacturing companies can achieve operational excellence in their day-to-day manufacturing operations through no-code technology. 

Let’s face it; paper-based forms, checklists, and legacy software have significantly hindered manufacturing processes. Aside from costing you time and money, such processes affect your productivity due to inefficient, time-consuming workflows. While most organizations realize this hurdle, they don’t know how and where to start digitizing their business processes using better, hyper-agile technology. 

To give you a head start, we are conducting a webinar on how to level up your technology, data, and operations to drive manufacturing excellence across your production and quality control line. 

Join Vinay Kardile, Digital Transformation Strategist, and Aarohi Kulkarni, Product & Solutions Head, as they take you through the complete step-by-step guide on achieving manufacturing excellence. 

We present our expertise in leveraging no-code to transform your manufacturing processes digitally and automate them while reducing cost and improving productivity.

An insight-packed presentation full of new perspectives, data, and case studies is not worth missing!

The webinar will highlight

  • The drawbacks of paper-based manufacturing processes. 
  • How to eliminate paper processes with digital technology.
  • How to establish standardized procedures, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.
  • Harness manufacturing and quality-related data to make better business decisions.  
  • Manufacturing companies can automate standard processes like quality inspections & audits, Gemba Walks, machine maintenance, and more.
  • How to accelerate the digital transformation journey throughout your production line to increase the productivity and efficiency of employees.
  • Implement a digital layer on your existing systems and software.

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