Drag and Drop App Builder

Axonator platform has developed a powerful drag and drop app builder that has a great interface, simple and easy to use, and fit for creating your own apps for a great user experience.

Axonator | Drag & Drop App Builder

Simple, Easy App Building for Novices

Anyone can build basic and advanced apps using the Axonator drag and drop app builder. For non-technical people, no prior coding experience is required for building their apps. For advanced functionalities, people with tech and coding knowledge can easily make advanced and complex apps in no time using our low-code functionalities.


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No-code apps are easy to make and use.

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No-code apps are faster to develop and are tech relevant.

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No-code apps are dependable and execute digitalization well

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Anyone can develop apps, bridging the digital divide.

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No-code apps are pocket friendly, what else do you need?

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No-code apps use advanced functionalities for easy drag and drop app operations.

Axonator | Low code Mobile Form App Development

Mobile-first, Redefined

Axonator is one of the few companies in the world who have a considerable experience in presenting a no code platform for non-technical people with a drag and drop interface.

Powerful User Interface and Backend

The Axonator platform features a great user interface that is easy to understand, people with no prior knowledge can even create complex and advanced app functionalities with the help of our solution developers

Axonator | Workflow Management Software

Intelligent Automated Workflows

Intelligent workflows that use basic automation functions to build customizable workflows that our clients/customers can use to build apps using the drag and drop app builder interface.

Seamless Integration for a Smooth Experience

You can even add the plug-ins that you desired in the apps you have developed using our drag and drop app builder. Our customers can build complex apps with the integrations they desire with the help of our drag and drop app building platform.

Axonator | Data Integration Software
Axonator | Dashboard Management Software

Accurate Insights, Just Know What You Need to Know

Get pointed insights, know just what you need to know by our drag and drop report builder that helps you collect data, collate and process the collected data, and process it into impactful insights for fast and quick decision-making.

Dashboards With Attractive Indices

Axonator drag and drop app builder gives you the functionality of making attractive and insightful dashboards displaying the pertinent data insights for an expanded perspective.

Ignorance Is Bliss, But Not Always

It is a common saying that “ignorance is bliss”, but for IT companies and staff, this saying doesn’t hold water. Companies in the IT sector are leading the revolution of low-code and no-code micro apps, that will eventually make programming for apps a redundant feature.

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder
Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Facility Management Mobile Platform

Our mobile app adapts to your way of doing business instead of asking you to change your process to fit our app.