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Imagine that you could build a mobile app with just drag and drop. Further, you could generate reports with crucial data collected…in almost no time and automatically!

Make Your Data More Meaningful and Presentable With Axonator

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Regardless of the data, or a report or an invoice, customizing every document is possible through Axonator. You can easily create templates that you like just with few clicks. Axonator makes it possible to design the document (PDF or Word) with a number of features like images, tables, theme, font colors, etc.

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Resonate the Document with Your Brand

You can reflect the ‘look and feel’ factor of your business through the PDF reports that you send to team or important customers. Without any expertise, you can now add the company logo, pick colors for PDF that resonate with your brand, and share documents neat and clean.

Control Data​

Control Data

Control the data that you want to share with the team and customers. Pick the relevant fields from the form along with the placeholders and put those on the template. You can also exclude fields that you do not want to share from the data collected.

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Share the customized document to the destination. Generate and share reports automatically through emails with stakeholders without wasting any time.

What differentiates Axonator from other doc designers is the fact that it outperforms them on several factors.

  • You just need to pick a template for your reports once. All your forms submitted will have the look and feel of the template you chose.

  • With Axonator doc designer, you can choose specific fields from the forms that you want in your report. Opt only the relevant fields that you need to highlight in the report.

  • All reports created are in PDF format - this makes it easy for sharing and accessing since it’s a widely used format.

  • Customization of reports is a crucial doc designer feature. You can easily create designs that are visually captivating.

Make a Visual impact

Add tables that can help you present the data better. Determine the sequence of the data fields in the report. Choose the font size and color the way you want. Walk away from traditional reports to leave a good impression.

Enabling You Deal Better With COVID-19​

Ability to control the flow of visitors in a contactless manner helps in making your premises ready for countering the contagion spread and promoting a secure and healthy environment. Touch free operations and absolute control over visitor entry to your premises helps you to deal better with the ongoing pandemic.

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