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Digital Forms & Checklists

Fully customizable digital checklist app with features like autosave draft, pre-populated fields, signature, GPS location,and more.

Add Pictures & Annotations

Capture images while collecting data. Annotate the images to leave important notes for your teams to review and take action.

Scan QR code to Work Faster

Scan the QR code to access the correct form or checklist on a mobile device and accelerate the execution of a variety of operations. 

Scheduler for Task Management

Assign, approve, and track all tasks on a mobile phone and take full accountability over the field tasks. Never miss on any work order again.

Work in Offline Mode

Collect data even in offline mode and the app will automatically sync when you get connected to the internet. Work even in remote areas.

Send Automated Reports

Automatically generate PDF reports and share them with the project team, owner, or relevant responsible team in real-time.

Reminders for Task Management

Get automated reminders, alerts, and e-mails to know about the field tasks in advance. Never miss out on any field task again. 

Calendar View for Ongoing tasks

Views every work order in a  calendar format with filters like an assigned technician, asset name, priority level, location, etc.

Completely Automates Field Workflow

Millennium group uses Axonator digital checklist app to digitize daily facility management operations like audits, maintenance,  and more. 

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Easy-to-use Digital Checklist
Apps to Perform Field Tasks

Give your Organization a Digital Makeover

Eliminate the use of paper forms & checklists and give your organization a digital makeover in a record time and cost. Eliminate human errors, automate workflows and mobilize every employee’s work.

Accurately Perform Mission-critical Field Activities

Conveniently perform critical field activities like inspections, maintenance, audits, and more using the digital checklist app. Log, notes, signatures, and other essential information. 

Gather Information from Field Team More Efficiently

Gather real-time information from your field staff members through automated reports. See trends, non, conformances, and KPIs on customizable dashboards to make better decisions.

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Build Apps Rapidly On No-Code Platform

The Axonator digital checklist app is built on our unique no-code platform. The platform combined with professional services is the perfect recipe for delivering a customizable solution that fits your exact needs. 

Digital Checklist App Built-In

Axonator No-Code Platform

The Axonator no-code platform is built to support your needs whether it’s building an digital checklist app for your teams or mobile-extending your existing systems and products. 


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