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There are hundreds of mobile data collection apps to create custom mobile forms but it is easy to get confused while selecting one for your purpose. So, how do you select the best mobile form builder?

The answer depends on how foresighted you are. If you want quick and dirty custom forms, it’s easy: choose anyone. It doesn’t matter.

But things get more interesting if you think beyond real-time field data collection using a mobile device.

Let me tell you how…

Once a data collection app is used to collect field data, most tools will allow you to export for further processing. That’s the end of their story

However, Axonator is a data collection app which goes several steps further. It allows you to easily collect offline data using mobile surveys. Apps can be built by simply dragging and dropping form fields directly on to a virtual mobile device. These apps work even when you are not connected to the internet. That’s where Axonator shines.

Axonator: Developing data collection apps has never been easier before!

Axonator | Data Collection App

After working with many companies that rely on mobile field data collection app for their business, we have learned something we call the digital process maturity curve.

If you have experience with or if you look closely you will realize that you are inviting the following problems.

To tackle this problem, our Axonator team has invented a brand-new strategy to get people at various process maturity scales to get started. It is called the Micro App Strategy. You can create numerous data collection apps that serve different purposes using the Axonator platform. You can learn more about this if you want to bring digital transformation to your organization.

If you are like other smarter people who use Axonator mobile data collection app to utilize its advanced functionality, you will save a headache that is bound to happen in the future. Axonator evolves with your needs. Axonator “evolves” with the maturity of the organization IT.

Prepare for future growth with Axonator!

As we said earlier, Axonator “evolves” with the maturity of the organization IT.

Let me explain how:

Today you want to just plainly collect data and put it somewhere or export in most cases.

But tomorrow as your mature, what if:

Many processes today initiate in the field and continue its life in the office. Most basic apps support smaller forms and do not perform well when large forms are built. Our technology uses memory optimization and battery optimization while still making the app robust and safe for offline use.

The Auto draft feature makes your life safe.

Have you ever filled a form and your battery died? Or you accidentally closed the form or something happened that resulted in lost efforts or even worse loss data?

What makes Axonator stand tall among other data collection tools?

Use Axonator Data Collection App if

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We have done performance testing 100×100. 100 widgets in one form and 100 offline submissions in one go.

Automatic dashboards for better decision making!

Axonator | Dashboard Management App

Do you want to learn from your data?

Our AI based dashboards make it a breeze to extract valuable information from your data without any human intervention. You can market better decisions using insights from this platform.

What’s more?

With Axonator data collection app, you can also generate reports with crucial data collected in almost no time and automatically! The app enables staff members to submit automated generated reports to concerned persons right from the field once a task has been completed.

Key highlights for Axonator report builder

Axonator report designers also give users the ability to customize their reports to replicate the design and style of their original forms without the limitations and issues of the paper. You don’t need any expertise to create a well-designed copy of data collection reports.

What’s Next?

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