Dashboard Builder: Build Dashboards Without Coding

Simply select the data & parameters you want to visualize and drag them onto the canvas to configure the custom dashboard as per your needs. Identify KPIs with data analytics to make better business decisions & increase ROI. 

Dashboard Builder

Watch: How to Build Dashboard Using Axonator?

See this video to learn how to build a custom dashboard using the Axonator dashboard builder.

Start Building Enterprise Grade Dashboards Using No-Code Platform

Connect To Your Data. Visualize It. Make Decisions.

No-Code Dashboard Builder to Configure Data

Build a dashboard faster by simply selecting data & parameters you want to visualize and dragging them onto the canvas to build the custom dashboard as per your unique needs.

Multiple Graphical & Tabular Formats Dashboard

Multiple Graphical & Tabular Formats

Dashboard builder allows intelligent visual representation of data, including various types of graphics – bar, charts, pie charts, etc. & tabular charts by just dragging and dropping.

Real-time Data Update

Dashboard builder allows organizations to build a dynamic dashboard that updates as soon as fresh data is submitted. Build a dashboard that automatically fetches data from other databases like SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SQL, and more.

Real-time Data Update - Dashboard

Industry Standard Features that Enterprises Love!

Whether collecting inspection data or survey information, Axonator’s advanced features support use cases across various industries.

Dashboard For Every Possible Use Case!

Why Axonator Dashboard Builder?

Axonator dashboard builder comes with advanced features, variety of charts, widgets, summaries, and tabular views to build insightful dashboards for organizations. 

Quickly pull the data you need into the dashboard. Explore our growing library of native integrations to SQL, MySQL, MongoDB, SAP HANA, Oracle, Amazon Redshift, and more. 

Easily build and visualize database queries with an advanced query builder. Companies can use it to add data tables and views to the SQL data sources and select which columns to include. 

Both basic & advanced configuration settings like value, time, numeric, sort, cross-filters, etc., empower you to take your filters to the next level regarding filtration options and usability.

Set up dashboards with Axonator. Drill through data by filtering data on one dashboard to another level of data on another dashboard, and uncover hidden trends and patterns.

Axonator offers data analytics to empower Operations Heads and Managers to make data-driven business decisions. Companies can quickly identify key performance indicators (KPIs) and eliminate bottlenecks to improve processes for better productivity and efficiency.

Rowan Brown

Operations Head

One Platform. Five Components. Infinite Possibilities.

Axonator’s five components work together to create a rapid app configuration experience and support infinite use case possibilities.

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Axonator provides purpose-built enterprise solutions configured to each customer’s specific needs. Contact us now to learn how Axonator can work for you.

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