Axonator Empowers US-Based Manufacturer to Organize All Safety Inspections in One Platform

Read this case study to discover how the U.S based automotive engineering services provider eliminates the complete use of paper forms for conducting safety inspections

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About Company
The company’ is Michigan-based manufacturing organization with expertise in designing and manufacturing high quality automotive prototype and stamping. The company is  a world class leader and solution provider in automotive engineering in Michigan

The company’s safety operations in the United States rely on a paper forms and spreadsheets with  multiple siloed and manual systems in the shop-floor before partnering with Axonator.

Key Business Challenges

Paper & Spreadsheet-based Safety Inspection Process

Manual Data Entry Across Manufacturing Sites

No Real-time Information Capture On Workstation

Not Able to Capture Live Images

Extreme Amount of Man Hours

No Insights On Key Performance Indicators

Solution by Axonator
Axonator’s enterprise-grade manufacturing solutions empowered TDM to go fully digital and improvise the manual processes to digital processes in the production line.
The Impact

Entire Process Automation for Safety Inspections

Reduced Errors in Terms of Safety & Maintenance Processes

Improved Work Efficiency & Reduced Time

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