COVID-19 Self Declaration Mobile App

Let your employees fill up their COVID-19 self-declarations on the mobile app quickly. Attach vaccination reports, test results, health information, travel & contact history, etc., and send automated health assessment reports effortlessly

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Coronavirus Self Declaration Mobile App
The Complete Health Screening Solution for Your Organization
Capture Self Declarations with an Ease
Axonator's Capture Coronavirus Symptoms Information on COVID 19 Self Declaration App
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Capture Coronavirus Symptoms
Record answers to a series of questions addressing how one feels that day, current symptoms, other existing health conditions, and travel history
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Record Vaccination Status
Securely upload the proof of COVID-19 vaccinations and booster reports from a mobile phone. Administrators will have real-time insights into who has been vaccinated
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Capture Travel & Contact History
Trace the travel and contact history of your employees for enhanced monitoring. Know risk before it arises
Generate & Send The PDF Report Automatically​
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Generate & Send the PDF Report Automatically
Automatically generate reports and send them to the HR team, client, regional heads, or any other relevant stakeholder. Export reports into PDF and Excel formats
Store All Declarations in Secure Cloud
Store all declarations in a secure cloud.  Organize all of your collected data effortlessly and access it anytime. Export it in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats and import it in different software as per your needs
Axonator's covid 19 self declaration app Store All Declarations in One Location
The Fastest Way to Screen Individuals
Customizable COVID-19 Questionnaire As Per Your Requirements
Customizable symptom screening questionnaires to fit your needs and stay compliant with your regional regulations.
Axonator's Covid 19 self declaration app is Optimized for Tablets and Smartphones
Ensure Contactless Visitor Screening Using QR-codes
Simply scan QR-code to access the self-declaration form on a mobile phone. Ensure contactless screening experience to maintain complete safety standards
Keep Everyone Informed with Automated Reports
Generate PDF reports automatically when someone submits self-declarations. Send these reports to the HR team or any other relevant stakeholder automatically
Return to Work With Confidence
Screenings Complete
Total Users
Security Policies
Data Privacy & Data Security
The privacy is particularly important when it comes to healthcare related data collection. Axonator platform follows the strict standards and protecting algorithms to keep complete survey data private and secure
Available in Self-Service Kiosk Mode​
The Coronavirus Self Declaration Mobile App can be made available in self-service kiosks where employees can fill up the form by following the social distancing norms. This helps in maintaining safety in the workplace.​
Axonator_Kiosk Available in Self-Service Kiosk Mode
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Remove Language Barriers
Coronavirus Self Declaration Mobile App is available in the local languages and this increases the reach and utility of your app. Reach out to a maximum number of people by communicating with them in their language
Collect Data Even if You Are Offline
You don’t need to worry about internet connectivity for using this app. It can work effectively even offline and the collected data can be transmitted and synchronized with servers as and when connectivity is available
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Highly Flexible to Suit your Needs
Start Using The App From Next Business Day!​

Self Kiosk Mode For Better Convenience

Integration with Legacy Systems

Connect Everyone to Everything

Break down data silos by integrating cloud and on-premise applications, third-party software, legacy systems, data sources, and devices across your distributed environment with Axonator.
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Receive automated alerts when employees log information about COVID-19 positive results. Get complete insights on a customizable dashboard.

Track Cleaning & Disinfection Status

Empower your team with customizable digital checklists to track , document and manage daily-to-day cleaning, as well as disinfection activities

Collect Self Declaration Even Offline

Don’t worry about internet connectivity while filling out self-declaration forms. The app automatically transmits data when connectivity is available

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What is the COVID-19 self-declaration questionnaire?
The self-declaration questionnaire is based on the latest assessment questions available from government health agencies like CDC, PHAC, the Province of Ontario, etc. For instance, self-declaration apps for U.S organizations are customized as per CDC’s ( Center for Disease Control) COVID-19 self-checker
Can we customize the health assessment questions?
Yes, we can modify self-declaration questions that are aligned with your local public health authorities.
If guidance from Public Health Offices (i.e. CDC, PHAC, etc.) changes, will the app be updated?
Yes. We will update the health self-assessment questions as guidance from public health officials around COVID-19 screening evolves and always provide our partners with the ability to update their assessments
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We automate the entire process while still keeping it flexible as it will

Axonator UCL coronavirus self declaration mobile app
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Axonator team built an end-to-end survey app for the department of civil, environmental & geomatic engineering for an ambitious program of health impact assessment (HIA)

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