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The Most Comprehensive COVID-19 Employee Health Screening App

Deploy your very own Coronavirus Employee Health Screening app. Screen and monitor employees for COVID-19 symptoms using a mobile device or tablet.
Coronavirus Employee Health Screening App

Superior Crisis Management

The Axonator employee health screening app ensures that your response is highly effective, fast, and as per the set protocols. You can also reinforce your response to the pandemic by implementing the Coronavirus Self-Declaration mobile app for your employees.

Drive Health-Conscious Decisions With In-Built Smart Workflows

  • Workflow in the app is configured to log the symptom results before the employees can enter the actual workplace.
  • Anyone showing symptoms is denied entry and automatic alerts are generated notifying the management and the concerned healthcare authorities.
  • Features can be added to the app as per the prevailing CDC guidelines.
Employee Health Screening App Workflow
Employee Health Screening Alerts

Get Instant Alerts as Soon as a Risk is Reported

The app workflow can be configured to relay instant alerts to the management and the in-charge officials as soon as someone reports symptoms or a fever during the health screening. This lets you respond immediately and put in place the necessary protocols to ensure safety and check the virus spread.

Use The Screening App as Per Your Specific Requirements

  • Forms can be filled using any device, whether it is a mobile or tablet, for faster and wider adoption.
  • The app is suitable for monitoring field employee. All employees can use the app on their own mobile device.
  • You can document symptoms, take a picture of the thermometer reading and signatures of the employee and the screening authority as per your requirements.
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axonator employee health screening

Implementing Employee Health Screening is Necessity

  • Keep your employees safe and curb the virus spread.
  • Adhere to all health mandates related to screening and social distancing.
  • Enhance credibility of your business and build employee confidence.
  • Protect your business from lawsuits and financial liabilities.

Customize COVID-19 Screening Questionnaire as Per Your Needs

Effortlessly customize COVID-19 screening questionnaires and record data through mobile apps. Store all data including symptoms, temperature readings, contact history, locations, etc. in one place to create potential alerts.

Customizable Questioner

Security Policies

Data Privacy & Data Security

The privacy is particularly important when it comes to healthcare related data collection. Axonator platform follows the strict standards and protecting algorithms to keep complete survey data private and secure.

Enhanced Reporting For Effective Monitoring

You don’t need to invest your time and resources in processing manual reports. Reports are automatically generated and represented in a dashboard that lets you track, measure, and analyze the collected data.

Actionable Insights For a Better Response

  • Helps in identifying at-risk employees, those who display symptoms of infections, spot emerging patterns or clusters through dynamic reporting.
  • Make available essential healthcare advice and resources readily to your employees through our app.
  • Lets you identify employees easily that need specialized health support and care.
Employee Health Screening App In The Prevailing Pandemic ​

Automatically Store Employee Screening Data Centrally!

Employee health screening app is a necessity for ensuring workplace safety. Store all data including symptoms, temperature readings, contact history, locations, etc. in a centralized place to create potential alerts. The coronavirus employee health screening mobile app is an effective tool for this purpose.

The Best Choose Us

Fortune 500 companies around the globe use Axonator’s platform-based professional services to achieve their digital transformation goals in record time significantly lowering capital expense.

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Start Using The App From Next Business Day!

  • Send us your COVID-19 screening questionnaire
  • We will create an app based on your requirements
  • The app will go through extensive internal and client-side testing
  • The app is ready to be deployed for your business
  • Your employees, visitors can download and use the app

Keep Your Workplace Safe Amid The Covid-19 Pandemic

A scalable and customized solution that helps your business to be compliant with the established Federal, State, and Local government health mandates related to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Contactless Screening

With our ready to use the intuitive app, you can screen all your employees for coronavirus symptoms easily while maintaining the required social distancing norms.
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Customizable Solutions

You can customize the app as per your business needs and the prevailing compliance rules that can change as per prevailing situation.
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Available on Android & iOS devices

Coronavirus Employee Health Screening Mobile App is optimized for working flawlessly with any type of mobile device or tablet. Be it Android or iOS, our app is compatible with any platform.
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Authenticated Data

You can capture the signature of the person performing the screening for greater authenticity and even the GPS location. This ensures that collected data is credible.
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HIPPA Compliant

Our app is HIPAA compliant and we ensure robust data security protocols are implemented for protecting the sensitive medical info.
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Automated Reporting

PDF reports are generated automatically from the screening data and emailed to the relevant stakeholders without any manual intervention.

Covid-19 Screening App For Businesses

Axonator COVID-19 app comes with everything you need to start screening today, assuring you comply and keeping your customers and employees safe. As a fully automated screening solution, it is preferred by thousands of businesses across diverse verticals. It is perfect for businesses to implement the right screening policy.

Seamless Integration Capabilities

Employee health screening data is stored in a highly secure cloud. You can access and organize all the collected data as per your convenience and easily transfer it to your existing data management systems in a format specified by you.
CMMS Integration

A Highly Effective Monitoring and Tracking

The Axonator Covid-19 employee health screening mobile app is a highly functional, affordable, feature rich tool to empower your employees to take control of their health and safety and for meeting the mandatory compliances. 

Pre Populated Fields

Design forms with pre populated fields like employee name, address, and mobile number as per office records.

Easy Set-up

No need for employers to invest in dedicated hardware or software to make the app functional.
axonator apps are affordable

Highly Scalable and Secure

Axonator apps are efficient, scalable and highly affordable, giving you a great return on your investment.

Consistently Rated Best-in-Class

Axonator no-code platform has been appreciated by some of the leading organizations across the globe for ease of use, functionality, value for money, and great user experience. There’s a reason Axonator has better ratings than any other business process automation platform.
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