Leverage The Axonator Advantage

Extensively use all the functionalities and components of the Axonator platform and transform your business into a highly efficient and adaptable entity ready to take on the challenges of the IoT and AI-based Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Advanced Cutting Edge Apps, Yet Pocket Friendly

We understand that your business needs ground-breaking and innovative solutions to thrive in a technological landscape under high flux. Axonator provides you with cutting edge technology solutions in the form of micro-apps with face recognition, object detection, and other AI and ML-based software, as per the role and function of each of our apps. And yet we are highly cost-effective and offer you pocket-friendly solutions making your bottom line healthy and profitable.

Complete Process and Data Management

The advanced micro apps module offered by Axonator gives you the power for realizing the true potential of your business. Use all the functionalities of the Axonator platform to your advantage, make your business processes more efficient, streamlined, and in sync with the expectations of your customers.

Create Mobile Forms with Advanced Capabilities

Do more with our advanced micro apps module than just collecting data with digital mobile forms. Create forms with advanced functionalities, equipped with features that enable you to collect rich data from the field or inaccessible locations with audio, video, and location intelligence.

Intelligent Workflows for Automation and Streamlined Business Processes

Configure intelligent workflows that put you in total control. Create highly streamlined and efficient business processes with customizable workflows designed to fulfill your specific needs and as per the industry sector in which you operate. Use automation for repetitive tasks, set up clear processes and easily implementable work processes that significantly reduce slack and downtime, and increase the productivity of your employees.

Seamless Integration with Third-Party Platforms

We recognize that businesses don’t operate in isolation. Your business operates in an open and competitive market where you utilize platforms and systems originating from different entities for ensuring the best possible results in your business outcomes. Keeping this in view, Axonator offers seamless integration of its apps with any third-party platform, enabling the unrestricted flow of data to and fro from our apps to your platform. Spend more time in expanding your business, doing work that creates value for your business rather than grappling with technical issues due to incompatible software and systems.

Greater Visibility with Comprehensive Reports

Gain greater visibility of all your business processes with comprehensive reports reflecting indices and information that really matter for decision making. Automatically generate highly informative reports with no fluff to transform your business, enabling you to continuously improve and refine your processes. What’s more, spend literally no time on all this, with minimal inputs from your employees, everything is already structured and highly organized with automated and intelligent workflows.

Dashboards Views to Expand Your Perspective

Uncover hidden patterns in the piles of data and discover valuable insights that give you a competitive advantage in a highly competitive business environment. View selected indices that uncover a wealth of information that you need for faster and informed decisions. A highly attractive and pleasing viewing experience with Axonator dashboards gives you better understanding and visualization capabilities of the presented information, ultimately impacting your business positively.

Rapid Deployment On Cloud/On-Premise

Rapidly deploy Axonator apps in any industry or sector in which you operate. With little for no training required, the cutting edge micro apps created by Axonator enables you to get started right from day one, with little or minor teething problems. Deploy our app software as per your specifications, on-premise, or on a cloud, the choice is entirely up to you.

Prompt and Competent Support Team

With Axonator, the buyer-seller relationship doesn’t end with just a sale. We provide all our clients with prompt and high-quality support that solves any of the problems that they may face while using our apps. For us, client satisfaction is paramount. A highly competent support team is at your disposal round the clock, making your journey in enterprise mobility much easier and beneficial.

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