Axonator Enterprise BMS For Intelligent Buildings

The Axonator Enterprise BMS (Building Management System) enables automation of buildings and various associated systems using cutting edge technologies to make them safer, efficient, environment friendly and sustainable.

Integrated Enterprise Business Management System Solutions ​

Integrated Enterprise BMS Solutions

The Axonator BMS is capable of integrating different building subsystems like lighting, HVAC, indoor air quality monitoring, energy management, building security and access control, fire safety, monitoring building condition and many others into a singular interface. This helps in ease of access and control of such critical systems on-site or remotely using a smartphone or tablet.

From Raw Data To Actionable Insights

Intelligent buildings produce a huge quantity of data. The Axonator BMS does a wonderful job in collating all crucial data from different platforms and building subsystems. Such accurate and consistent data help facility managers to identify trends and asset performance and also help in preventive maintenance and smooth running of all the building systems for a great experience.

Business Management Syatem From Raw Data To Actionable Insights ​
Business Management System Flawless Integration Capabilities ​

Flawless Integration Capabilities

The Axonator BMS is designed to operate with numerous systems and equipment supplied by vendors for strengthening the individual building subsystems for greater performance. Our BMS can seamlessly connect with any third party external software and thereby eliminates any data silos for ensuring an excellent performance.

Advanced Building Management System Improving The Built Environment

Create futuristic buildings leveraging automation and IoT using the Axonator apps.

Building Safety and Security

The Axonator BMS is capable of responding effectively to any sort of an emergency event in buildings as the sensors connected with the BMS immediately relay alerts to the concerned stakeholders if any smoke, gas leak or intrusion is detected. The CCTVs connected with the BMS allow emergency response authorities to ascertain the situation and also facilitates communication in crisis time to help in fast and an effective response.

Energy Efficient Buildings

The Axonator BMS is also capable of monitoring energy consumption levels by deploying mobile meter reading apps and smart meters that can be easily integrated to the BMS for monitoring parameters such as fuel consumption of DG sets and other equipment like elevators and lighting systems. The strict monitoring of energy consumption patterns leads to better energy efficiency and buildings tend to consume less energy.

Business Management System Meeting High Expectations of Occupants​

Meeting High Expectations of Occupants

Due to the tag of ‘intelligent buildings’ that is given to buildings hosting an advanced BMS, the expectations of the occupants regarding the services provided to them are high and the costs related to deployment of an advanced BMS need to be justified to the building occupants. In addition, building owners rightly expect the BMS to help them in cutting energy consumption and building maintenance costs, help in meeting with relevant building regulations and also expect higher levels of control and comfort. The Axonator BMS is designed to fulfill all such expectations by its superlative performance.

Integrated Business Management System For Superior Experience​

Integrated BMS For Superior Experience

The Axonator BMS is capable of integrating all building subsystems under a single platform that leads to automated regulation and functioning of HVAC units, lighting, temperature control and security systems for a great experience for the building occupants. In addition, these systems can be programmed to automatically shift to an energy saving mode for periods when a particular building unit is not occupied or if there is less usage of a particular space. This not only leads to high comfort levels but also transforms buildings into sustainable units that optimize resource consumption.

Mobile First Axonator App Ecosystem

The Axonator platform presents a comprehensive ready to use and customized app ecosystem for various industries and use-cases specifically designed for enhancing field-based processes.

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Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

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