Convert Your Paper Forms and Checklists into Mobile Apps

Empower your field workers to perform inspections, safety, audits, and other facility management operations by replacing paper checklists with the Axonator checklist-based mobile app.

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Build Your Checklists and Forms using Axonator Zero-Code Platform

Simply drag and drop to build your own checklists and forms within minutes using Axonator zero-code platform
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Built for Both On-premise and Off-premise Teams

  • Digital Checklists for Field Workers
  • Digital dashboard for Office Staff
Cost-Effective and Targeted Solutions_highly functional mobile forms on android and ios platforms
Digital Checklists for Field Workers
Empower field workers with Axonator Digital Checklist App to record information-rich data, streamline inspections, flag issues & resolve problems quickly.
Centralized Dashboard Solution
Data Dashboard For Office Staff
Get a comprehensive view of activities undertaken, their status, the expenses, KPIs, and more in a customizable dashboard. Also, receive real-time alerts and notifications regarding the fieldwork.

Eliminate Paper Forms and Desktop-based
Checklist Software

Zero-code Architecture Mobile Checklist App

Convert your paper forms and digital checklists into mobile apps without writing a single line of code. Create your own Digital Checklist Mobile App in minutes.

Zero-code Architecture Mobile Checklist App

Dynamic Forms with Custom Skip and Business Logic

Go beyond traditional forms and add data validation, skip and business logic, visibility conditions, etc. Change the behavior of your forms based on input. Design forms that change according to the information present at hand.

Streamline Inspections and Resolve Issues Quickly

Create flexible inspection and safety forms that will allow your field technician to submit issues and monitor them all the way through to resolution.

Image Capture with Annotations and Drawings

Provide a complete picture of the issue at hand by adding images into the forms alongside annotating and drawing onto them.

A Complete FM Digital Checklist Mobile App

More Customization, More Power

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Digital Checklists with Mobility

Leaver paper-based checklists behind and empower your field workers with mobility using Axonator Digital Checklist Mobile App.
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Collect Rich and Standardized Data

A single mobile app to collect clean and standardize data. Enhance your forms with a variety of form fields and customize them according to your needs.
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Mobile Forms Work Offline Too

Collect data even in remote locations that have low connectivity. Data is autosaved and synced with the cloud as soon as the network is available.
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Location-based Data Collection with Geo Tagging

Data objects labeled with latitude/longitude coordinates and timestamps to help you better understand where and when the data was collected.
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Data-driven Decisions Using Reports

Collect all your data in a centralized place and generate detailed reports automatically. Make data-driven decisions based on digital analytics.
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Dispatch and Dynamic Workflow & Integrations

Use business rules and workflow to automate the distribution of forms and the delivery of reports and data. Streamline the flow of information throughout your organization.

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