6 Ways Work Order Management Software Helps to Streamline Operations

Do you remember when all the maintenance tasks used to be done on paper-based processes?
The time where all the administrative tasks involved were collected on paper and were filled with countless paper books, logs, and notes?
As such what remained for you and me same was that the work orders were still hard to monitor.
And now, in the world of mobile apps and digital software, many companies have switched over to CMMS-powered work order management. But why?
As a digital software solution, work order management software has come a viable way for companies to service customers efficiently and create sustainable growth.
The whole model comes as a dynamic procedure that necessitates collaboration across various departments, accurate scheduling, and accounting for nearly every eventuality that may emerge over the course of a task.
Here, let me explain how. Let’s start with some definitions and benefits.

What is Work Order Management Software?

Ok, what is the software that we are talking about? Well, in simple terms, work order management software is a tool that enables facility managers to track and manage all work order information from a single dashboard.

Hence, location managers can simply manage work orders across a multi-location organization with a single area to make service requests, monitor real-time status updates, track completion, and provide comments on work completed.
Manage Maintenance Requests On One Go
The major advantage of having such a system is that it automates the operations. A work order may be entered, authorized, and delivered to technicians with a few mouse clicks.

What are the Key Benefits of Work Order Management Software?

Here are some of the prominent benefits that the majority of the software on the market offers: Take a look. I’ll be explaining them quickly and directly.
Work Order Management using CMMS Software

Reduced Expenditure

Reduce total maintenance cost by choosing competent contractors at the right price point for the work, using GPS position tracking to validate the time spent on the repair, decreasing overall time-to-completion for each task, and eliminating invoicing mistakes using electronic payments.

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Forecast and schedule routine preventive maintenance to avoid costly asset replacements and emergency failures. Save time by automating scheduled maintenance scheduling based on reported asset requirements.

Boost Performance

Improve service provider and contractor performance by immediately displaying photos, full repair history, and other important asset information within the work order management platform.

Increase Equipment Lifespan

A well-planned and performed preventative maintenance program may extend the life of equipment and assets while lowering maintenance costs. Work order management software helps to avoid emergency repairs which are more expensive than preventive maintenance.

Enhance Productivity

By digitizing your work order management systems, simplifying work order submission, and automating contractor dispatch, you may improve operational and administrative efficiency. You also get to reduce the amount of time spent manually sorting, ranking, and submitting bills for approval.

6 Ways Operations are Streamlined

With the definitions, needs, features, and benefits aside, let’s see the ways work order management software streamlines operations. Once again, let’s dive directly into it.
Axonator | Field Service Management Software

Eases up Asset Management

Asset management is a key factor for organizations dealing with work order management. With preventive and predictive maintenance in place, organizations can schedule or manage the schedule of an asset.

Work orders can be assigned to technicians before any mishap or difficulties arise.

Furthermore, work order maintenance software such as Axonator will help you to track and maintain the history of assets and helps you do inventory management the right way. Tracking history and previous work done through/on assets will help to define the lifespan of the equipment.

It will tell the managers which tools need to be replaced, which requires part ordering, and which tools are coming up on their warranty time. All of this can be done without going to the traditional route of paper-based processes.
Additionally, the software will enable users to manage costs and expenditures spent on the equipment. Once again, keeping a good history will also help in estimating costs that assets will take in the long term.

3D View in Space Management

Every day, companies go through thousands of work orders which can become cumbersome to manage. Challenges can arise in identifying the area where the job is required, assigning the right technician, establishing the right costs of the job, generating automating reports, and receiving alerts and notifications.

One of the easy ways to solving such problems is having a good work order management system that shows planning in a 3D view. This view entails the entire buildings, facilities, and environment with complete floor maps built into it. Not only the space, but the software solution can also display assets and the place where the technician will perform the job in a good physical view.

Having a perfect floor mapping in the work order management software solves the problem of accountability and transparency. Not to mention, the software can also generate real-time alerts and notifications for technicians and managers alike.
Having a perfect floor mapping in the work order management software solves the problem of accountability and transparency. Not to mention, the software can also generate real-time alerts and notifications for technicians and managers alike.

Manage Work Orders in a Calendar View

Work order management software is built to offer complete visibility and accountability in real-time view regarding all the jobs involved. With a calendar view, you stay up to date with all kinds of work orders creation, that are scheduled, are in progress, or are completed.
Such a clean view also helps managers to track progress and maintain the right efficiencies needed to complete jobs in a timely manner.
Axonator work order management software offers a work order ticketing system with the ability to place work orders in cards, assign the right technician, and format them with filters such as assigned worker, task location, asset type, task priority, and severity of the service request, etc.

Complete Work Orders on the Go with Mobile

The mobile-centric features of a work order management system have come to be a boon for field workers. The advent of mobile in facility management has simplified the work of field workers. Where workers had to manually input their data onto the paper or use the laptop spreadsheets to do, they have now taken advantage of the mobile device in hand to complete work orders.

Not only that, the work order management platform from Axonator further simplifies the work with GPS capabilities, Geo Tagging, field tracking, alerts, and notification to completely transform the way workers work in the field. On the other hand, office members will get a comprehensive view of activities undertaken, their status, the expenses, incident details, and more in a customized dashboard.

Automatic Report Generation

Automatic report generation is the most common problem of today’s facilities management companies and managers alike. This is the first concern we hear from every company we give a demo for.

While major market players in the industry such as Servicenow offers the option of report generation, the users still have to go through filters, dates, and apply other exterior methods to get to the options of report generations.
However, Axonator offers the capability to generate reports as you like. Whatever reports managers need can generate by setting the right kind of workflow. They want automatic report generation after the day of work, after the work order is finished, or even any particular task is attached to someone with alerts and notifications.

Digital Dashboard and Data Analytics

For a manual technique, such as a paper-based process, to be regarded as accurate, facility managers would have to rely on manually entering important data. This is not only a time-consuming procedure but there is also no mechanism to priorities work orders.
An alternative automated approach for you is to deploy a work order system, which can change the way work orders are handled and maintained. It also allows staff to enter normal maintenance requests and tasks into a dedicated centralized location.
This implies that all work orders are recorded in a single centralized system, where facility managers and maintenance teams can take the necessary measures to address each order.
All employee issues are received and addressed using this automated method. As a result, there is a better working environment with higher morale and productivity among employees.

Coupling smart dashboards and automatic report generation result in a system that is rich in information and offers digital data analytics. With analytics, organizations can drive decisions based on what is working for them and tweaking what is not working. Overall, managers get a complete picture of the work order management system to grow and scale the business operations.

Axonator Work Order Management software is all about the benefits mentioned above. It is a simple, mobile-centric software that enables facilities managers to easily track and manage all work order information from a handheld device. You can signup for the trial here!

What’s Next?

A lot of facilities owners, managers, and organizations get afraid when they hear the term Work Order Management System or Facility Management Software.
It sounds like a very demanding process/system filled with large expenditures, time, training, hard implementation, and a needed workforce.
As it turns out, it’s not that hard.

If you are not that familiar with work order management software give Axonator a try. The trial is free!

You will think about why you didn’t use them before.

If you are still unsure, contact us and we will build one for you.

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