The 5 Best Work Order Management Software for 2023

Sophia ClarkeJune 7, 2022

Gone are the days when organizations worldwide used to manage their daily work orders on paper or basic Excel spreadsheets

The advent of cutting-edge work order management software has streamlined how work orders are being managed in the field

Work order management software gives your field department the necessary support, keeping daily tasks moving forward and ensuring that your team gives appropriate and prompt attention to any issues

However, investing in your organization’s right work order software is another story. There are numerous work order software available in the market, and you need to conduct thorough research before buying one

You need to consider your goals, the features you need, the ease of implementation, integration options, and, most importantly, the expenditure before making any decision

We analyzed challenges faced by businesses in various industries to come up with a list of the 5 best work order management software options available. From user-friendly interfaces to powerful automation tools, these work order management software solutions offer the features and functionality you need to streamline your work order management process

But before jumping onto the lists, let’s discuss the major points you need to cover before sourcing the software solution

Things to Consider Before Selecting the Best Work Order Management Software

This part of the article will help you make the best choice, even if you’ve never used any software before or are unsatisfied with your existing software application

Consult with Team Members

Consider Implementation Time & Easy-to-use UI

Always consider a software solution that is quick to implement and has an easy-to-use UI. Even apparently trivial issues, such as the design quality and the user interface’s intuitiveness, will impact how happy your team is with your selected platform

Software Scalability

Always consider the work order management software that will evolve per changing needs. Thinking about the future can help your organization discover software that can fit your needs and fulfill your demands no matter what happens in the future

Go for a Mobile-ready Software Solution

The best work order software solutions are mobile-friendly. With such work order management software, office members can efficiently assign tasks and deadlines to field employees. Field workers can receive notifications and emails on their mobile phones or tablets and respond accordingly. This eliminates the need to meet team members face-to-face and reduces time on approvals

Demo and Explore

We recommend you try as many of your potential software choices as possible. This will offer you a hands-on, real-time understanding and feel for the platform and give you an idea of what to expect if you choose that particular work order management system

Top 9 Features of Work Order Management System

We at Axonator have spoken with several organizations that invested heavily in software, only to be disappointed

Hence, we’ve compiled nine features you should consider while selecting a work order software solution

The 5 Best Work Order Management Software for your Business

After all the successful evaluations, some top names will enter our search while browsing the successful vendors for work order management software

1. UpKeep

Axonator work order management software is built upon the foundation of a no-code architecture and offers a complete work order system for inspection & maintenance tasks, service requests, workflow automation, and more.

Axonator work order management software is one-stop software to plan, assign, track, and optimize all work orders. From assignment to fulfillment, it empowers staff members to take full accountability for completing their routine task

These features collectively make it the most powerful yet easy-to-use work order management software in the market

Critics have praised the mobile-centric work order management tool for its exceptional user interface and experience. It has also followed quite a fan following for its facility management, digital checklists, asset management, and inventory management

Friendly User Experience**: Yes

Mobile-first app:** Yes

Customizability:** Yes

Axonator’s Pricing

Free:**  Axonator offers free software for up to 5 users

Essential:** USD 35 per user per month

Enterprise:** USD 45 per month per user

Axonator also provides professional services in which the company’s team will build and deploy a solution to automate field workflows.

3. MaintainX

It enables organizations to receive maintenance requests, create and assign work orders automatically to an individual or team, and track the progress in real-time.

4. Asset Panda

5. ServiceMax

The company primarily targets the field service industry. It comes with a drag-and-drop interface with its work assignment tool which empowers employees to easily create, assign, manage, and track work orders with them.


All of the above work order management software are made to do one thing; help companies achieve maximum productivity and efficiency with their work order management. And all of them succeed at that part

However, each has a perfect and improving side that caters to different kinds of organizations and managers

Check our work order management software built on our unique no-code platform.

The software is built for any industry, process, or organization and is fully customizable to fulfill your unique needs

You can connect with us for the demo to see how Axonator stacks up against all of these vendors in terms of simplicity and ease of use

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