Why Is Axonator Helpdesk Management Software The Best Choice You Can Make?

What Is Helpdesk Management?

Helpdesk management is a process of systematically handling, managing and execution of service requests made by the users of any service that relates to diverse domains like  IT services, facility management, and other customer service oriented functions.

 A helpdesk management software is used to achieve a smooth functioning of all these processes and for raising the service requests by the users in the form of a ticket, storage of all the raised tickets in one central database for their better management (assignment and tracking) and eventual execution and closure of the tickets to the satisfaction of the users.

There are several features of a helpdesk management software and chief among them being the helpdesk ticketing system that assists in the smooth handling of all the service requests raised by the users in the form of tickets.

 Efficient and easy management of tickets is one of the chief attributes of any helpdesk management system and the Axonator helpdesk management software stands apart from its competitors since it offers a robust and greatly effective ticketing management system.

Raise Tickets On The Go Using Axonator Helpdesk Management Software

Users can easily raise tickets using their smartphones by using the Axonator app for this purpose.

 In case you are working in an office and observe that the washroom on your premises is not clean, you can easily capture the washroom image on your phone and raise the ticket for this purpose that notifies the facility management vendor appointed for building maintenance.

You can also raise the service request/ticket by scanning the QR code with your smartphone as this functionality is available in the Axonator helpdesk management app for the ease of reporting any issues.

 Our app scans the strategically placed QR code in the washroom and the relevant form that helps you to lodge a complaint regarding the washroom cleanliness immediately appears on the screen of your mobile.

Helpdesk Management Software-Easily-Raise-Tickets-On-The-Go-Using-A-Mobile-or-Scanning-A-QR-Code

Card View Interface For Intuitive And Effective Helpdesk Ticketing System

Axonator offers both a mobile app and a desktop web-based helpdesk management software. 

While the former is mainly meant for the users enabling them to raise tickets on the go, the latter is being used by the helpdesk managers to manage the tickets raised by the users. 

For the desktop web-based helpdesk ticketing system, Axonator offers the intuitive and easy to use card view interface for the management of the raised service requests enabling managers to easily assign the tickets, view their status and track the status of any ticket in any category for better execution and tracking.

The card view interface of the Axonator helpdesk management system has the drag and drop functionality that enables the managers to change the status of the tickets just by moving the tickets to the intended column simply by a flick of their finger.

Other advantages of the card view interface includes the consolidated view of all the raised tickets displaying their current status and the related info. This enables the helpdesk managers to view the newly raised tickets, in progress tickets, closed tickets, blocked tickets, tickets suffering delays in closure and the like. 

Managers can easily sort the tickets and perform bulk operations on the raised tickets without having to leave the web-interface.

 This can be done for faster assignment of the raised tickets by selecting multiple tickets at once and assigning them to the relevant technicians (in-case the system of assigning tickets is not automated), merging, deleting or closing the tickets among others.

Axonator | Dashboard Management Software

Highly Customizable and Flexible Ticketing System Leveraging Automation

Helpdesk managers can easily manage the tickets by categorizing them to the relevant category by moving them, merging and linking tickets and analyzing the specific service type for better execution and faster service delivery. 

These features help in the neat organization of the service requests and this greatly reduces the assignment time for the tickets and ensures that no ticket is left unassigned by the helpdesk managers for a longer period of time.

The categorization of the tickets can be done manually by the managers.

 However, the Axonator helpdesk management software is flexible enough to make the necessary changes as per the volume of the tickets raised and accordingly the workflows in the software and the helpdesk app can be configured to let users who raise the service requests themselves choose an appropriate category for their request. 

Or the entire process of ticket categorization can be automated and once a ticket is raised, it is automatically categorized by the software based on the type and the nature of the service request and assigned to the right technician that has the required expertise to handle such requests. 

Comprehensive Reporting For Making Informed Decisions

The Axonator helpdesk app is designed to automatically generate a closure report once the service request has been marked as closed. The generated closure report is instantly emailed to the relevant stakeholders (like the user who raised the request and the helpdesk manager) and users can also be mailed a feedback form once their service request has been executed. 

This enables the implementation of continuous improvement programs for refining the functioning of the service technicians and increasing the satisfaction levels of the users.

However, this is not all. The Axonator helpdesk software goes one step further and enables you to conduct a deeper analysis on the basis of the data collected in the form of tickets/service requests and their categorization. 

So, you can make your own comprehensive reports that analyze critical parameters like ticket traffic, the average resolution time for a particular type of service request, the average response time of a customer service agent, peak traffic time for each service request category, rating of technicians, measuring the satisfaction levels of the users based on the fulfillment of their service requests and much more. 

This enables informed decision making by the higher management as they have the necessary information pertaining to all the aspects of the customer service requests and the ways and means for successfully executing the raised service requests. 

Helpdesk Management Software Automatic Generation of Completion Reports Once Ticket is Closed

Benefits of Helpdesk Management Software Offered By Axonator

Besides the large scale benefits mentioned above, the Axonator helpdesk management system offers other highly attractive benefits that make it the best choice for companies looking for a structured and systematic approach for managing their helpdesk ticketing systems and improving their service delivery. 

Some of the other prominent benefits include:

  • Cross-platform availability of the software and the app, that can be used both on the Android and the iOS platforms ensuring large-scale adoption by the users.
  • The Axonator helpdesk management system is available in both the app version and also has a desktop web-based version for the managers that enables users to raise service requests on the go and the managers to effectively manage the system without facing any constraint of location. Simply put, you need not be present in your office to assign tickets and for other critical operations.
  • The Axonator helpdesk management app has a seamless integration with your existing CRM or any third party platform that enables you to spend more time on the actual execution and management of service requests rather than grappling with technical issues arising from non-compatibility of the app you are using with your existing data management or the customer service platform. 
  • The Axonator helpdesk management software can help you to scale your operations globally in case you are planning to consolidate your international presence by making the app available in different languages of your choice.

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