Answered: Why 67% of Facilities Management Services will move to No-code Approach by 2023

Managing over 10,000 sites spanning over millions of square meters with a small team can be a huge task.

It sure seems to me.

The above numbers are just a needle in the haystack when it comes to understanding how big and complex facility management can be.

From managing assets like cleaning equipment, fire extinguishers, alarm systems, to managing escalators, and scheduling meetings, things can go south very easily.

So, what is it that organizations and managers alike can do to make the most of their resources and make everything seems easy as possible?

Apparently, having a good digital platform can help in little million ways.

While there have ample amount of software solutions to help out executives, there’s another technology that has even simplified the way managers can seek out their difficulties in Facility Management.

I am talking about the no-code software development approach.

Here’s let me explain in this complete article.

Let’s start with what is no-code development.

What is No-code?

Ok, so basically, no-code platforms enable even non-technical users to execute applications without writing a single line of code.

These tools include a user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop functionality, allowing you to easily see the implementation process and define the overall business logic.

A no-code platform is a programming platform that uses a visual development interface to allow non-technical people to construct apps by dragging and dropping software components to create a complete app. No prior coding expertise is required for users to create applications with no code.


These platforms offer a visual development interface to empower citizen developers to build applications through dragging and dropping software to create full apps.

Hence, the platforms make it easy for even non-technical users to build enterprise-grade apps. This also means setting the thoughts of previous experience and high-skilled developers out of the mind.

Just think about it. Everyone can create business-ready apps! Sounds Nice.

The above-mentioned benefits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to no-code development.

For now, let’s go into the features of no-code development.

What are the Features of No-code?

Let’s go directly into number one.

Visual Modeling Tools

It is a no-brainer that working apps with visual methods and models are quicker than developing with code.

Zero Coding Means Creating Apps on Visual-based Drag and Drop Interface

No-code platforms, which are powered by visual modeling capabilities, employ built-in components to represent any information in a way that is legible by anybody – from technical expertise to experienced developers, and even laymen.

Directly Functionality Use

To start with, prominent low-code systems feature OOTB (out-of-the-box) capabilities, removing the requirement to create key modules for programs from scratch.

Drag and Drop Interface

If you go for a search, you will found that every well-known no-code platform supports drag-and-drop. It is one of the most significant and helpful aspects that allow for a simple development procedure.

Axonator | Mobile Form Builder

Both amateur and professional developers benefit from the ease of use that drag-and-drop functionalities give when developing apps.


One of the greatest features of no-code platforms is the fact that all the components once used can be reused without any hassle.

The pre-configured modules and functionality for applications provide fundamental tasks required by several apps and may be leveraged to build new solutions more rapidly.

Cross-Platform Accessibility

Another best feature of no-code is its ability to create a single app that is universal for every platform. Because of its cross-platform compatibility, users may create programs that can operate on all major platforms and devices.


They enable users to create new applications that can cope with increased consumer demand, business expansion, and other changes in corporate strategy and development.


Scalability is essential for low-code systems. It enables you to create new apps that can manage an increase in users as your company expands, whether it has twenty or a thousand staff.

8 High-level Benefits of No-code Development

1. Core Focus on Application, Not on Code

As the software development is visual-based, the developer at hand is free to focus on how the end result looks like. Those developers can completely forget about what is going on at the backend and focus on the end-user.

Hassle-Free Mobile Business App Creation Using No-Code Platform

As such, the core concentration on application and not on code significantly increase focused vision and productivity in the app development process.

2. Pre-configured Templates

What more could be better than just using the templates directly and mold them according to your needs. With pre-configured templates, you get a headstart and start using services from day one.

Checklists such as Work Order Management, Assets Management can give a headstart in starting things early in operations.

3. Pre-configured Integrations

No-code platforms also offer easy integration with thousand of third-party apps so that developers don’t have to go through the hassles of integrating systems.

No-code in facility management helps your collected data to flow through multiple systems whether they are CRMs or HR systems.

4. Reduce Costs up to 80%

As no-code promises faster development at no expense of additional resources, you get to make it easier while saving all the involved costs.

In facility management, business process automation, enterprise mobility, workflow automation saves tons of time leading to the saving of tons of hard-earned profits.

5. Reduce IT Dependency

The lack of coding means not depending on the IT teams for any kind of assistance. Hence, no-code platforms eradicate the need to depend on IT teams or technical experts for app development.

6. Empower citizen Developers

With the power of no-code, anybody in your team even on the low level can develop any facility management checklist and start work from day one.

7. Worryless Security and Updates

Embracing the no-code platforms mean staying worriless from security and updates as these are configured from the vendor side.

Facility managers can work freely without even thinking of updates. It empowers them to focus on the work and not on unnecessarily time-consuming tasks.

8. Work from Day 1

While app development may seem a daunting task, the applications from no-code can be implemented in the existing operations. With a platform like Axonator, you can start working with our solutions from day 1. It is that easy!

Why Axonator No-code Platform for Facility Management?

Axonator is the premier choice of companies when it comes to choosing a no-code platform. Our customers, counted among the Fortune 500 companies, have been proud partners of Axonator in their successful digitalization in facility management.

Exceptional user experience, ease of use, mobility, customizability, and automatic report generation has been the pillars of Axonator when it comes to gaining a competitive edge in the industry.

Axonator | Field Service Management Software

With Axonator, you get to work from day 1 on mobile, in the field, or in the office, saving tons of money and time, while bringing in tons of revenue.

Axonator is in line with the companies even when they scale, consequently, solving all their future problems.

In Conclusion

I have told you everything you wanted to know about no-code platforms and what you need to think about them in the upcoming future. Well, or 67% of companies do.

To sum up, no-code is the absolute next best thing in software development and there are plenty of reasons for you to choose it.

Here, start a trial today and see what Axonator can do for you.

Happy app building!

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