Vendor Management Software For Resourceful Procurement

What Is Vendor Management?

Vendor management is a broad-based term that comprises various processes related to managing different vendors through the easy acquisition process, better communication and collaboration between vendors and buyers, tracking and measuring vendor performance, and effective management of vendor-related risks. Some of the prominent vendor management processes include creating a vendor self-service portal, bidding tools, vendor scoring, and performance evaluation.
Vendor management software is being used by companies to effectively manage these complicated and detailed processes by using a vendor management software that eliminates manual labor to save time and increase the accuracy and efficiency of all these diverse processes.

Importance Of Vendor Management

Vendor management is an integral part of medium and large scale organizations as they usually deal with a number of vendors and have to follow various standard operating procedures related to quality control, compliances, due diligence for vendor selection and many more requirements. So, companies opt for a suitable vendor management system to streamline all these processes and save precious time and resources. Functions listed below underscore the importance of vendor management for companies.

Risk Mitigation

Effective management of vendor-related risks in the form of uninterrupted supply of quality goods and in some cases raw materials for production processes, cost fluctuations, and their financial implications, compliances both internal and related to government mandates are some of the risk factors that are associated with the procurement process. 


To effectively identify the various types of risks associated with each of these parameters and their mitigation, vendor management is essential as it increases the visibility of the buyers in all the vendor management related processes. This is achieved through a suitable vendor management software that helps companies to scrutinize vendor information, evaluate their qualifications and certifications, track vendor performance to put in place effective risk mitigation measures. 

Ensuring Optimal Performance

A vendor management software helps companies to track and better evaluate the performance of their vendors to ensure that vendors are meeting the quality standards for the goods and services being supplied and are fulfilling all the necessary compliances related to their area of operations. 


This helps in ensuring optimal performance of vendors and also helps in companies spending less time and employee work hours in monitoring, tracking, and evaluating vendors if not using a vendor management software. Also, better visibility ensured by smooth vendor management helps in identifying hidden costs and negotiating better rates with vendors to reduce procurement costs and avail more discounts and incentives from vendors. 

Centralized Vendor Database

A great vendor management software helps in creating a central hub where all the info regarding vendors can be stored and made easily accessible for better record keeping and ensuring ease of operations in tracking and evaluating vendor performance. This central hub of vendor information cuts the duplication of data, better contract management, consolidated financial information related to vendors, and various other critical info like complaint history and audit reports related to a particular vendor. All this critical information is available instantly and easily which increases convenience and ease of operations saving valuable time and cutting manual labor. 

Faster Vendor Onboarding

Registering new vendors for rigorous evaluation and onboarding the selected vendors is a comprehensive and time-consuming process. However, with effective vendor management, companies can create a vendor self-service portal where vendors can easily register themselves for offering their services and upload all necessary documents in the form of bank details, technical and production capabilities, regulatory information, and other important information. 


The provided info can be effectively processed and scrutinized by companies for cutting down the response time in vendor evaluation and onboarding process. This creates a win-win situation for both vendors and companies. 

How Axonator Vendor Management Software Helps Companies To Streamline Procurement?

Axonator vendor management software helps companies to streamline their vendor management process and achieve all the important objectives that have been listed above to give substantial benefits for companies. Here are some of the prominent ways in which the Axonator vendor management software contributes towards efficient and resourceful vendor management:

  • Helps in the creation of a centralized vendor information repository for accessing all the critical information of vendors easily. Access to the vendor master data repository can be controlled and role-based access can be given to different employees for better security and data confidentiality. 
  • Creation of a vendor self-service portal that provides an easy and highly accessible gateway to vendors for registration and offering their services and upload the relevant information necessary for their faster evaluation and onboarding. 
  • Track vendor performance with the specified performance indices, SLAs, and KPIs for a holistic and accurate evaluation.
  • Alerts and notifications are automatically generated and are routed to the relevant stakeholders giving better visibility of all vendor management processes including monitoring, compliance tracking, and managing quality of goods and services. 
  • Smooth and flawless integration with existing platforms of companies and third-party applications like ERPs and supply chain management systems for unhindered data flow across applications. 
  • Rigorous evaluation of vendors regarding their certifications, licenses, quality, financials, and other important parameters for implementing the necessary due diligence procedures for vendor selection and mitigating vendor-related risks. 
  • Creation of informative and structured reports that helps companies in conducting vendor audits, performance reviews, and risk management and make informed decisions based on the latest data resulting in desired business outcomes. 

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