What is the Difference Between CAFM and CMMS?

Emma AndersonOctober 6, 2021

If you have read our blog about Facilities Management Software, then you would have come across the various types of FM software including, CAFM and CMMS

Like many others, you might also have got confused about these terms and what exactly do they mean?

Both the terms CAFM and CMMS can be used interchangeably in the FM industry. But is it right to do so?

Allow me to clarify what CAFM and CMMS software are and how you can use the best of both worlds to make wonders in your facilities management

CAFM vs CMMS: Understanding the Definitions

Both CAFM and CMMS software are highly qualified technologies used for management. While they are connected, each form of software has distinct characteristics

What is CAFM Software?

Here’s how Wikipedia defines CAFM, _“Computer-aided facility management (CAFM) is the support of facility management by information technology. The supply of information about the facilities is the center of attention. The tools of the CAFM are called CAFM software, CAFM applications or CAFM systems.”_

What is CAFM Software?

CAFM systems communicate with CMMS as well as other technologies including computer-aided design (CAD) systems and building information models (BIMs). As a consequence of this connection, facilities managers may obtain insight into the enterprise’s buildings, how they are used, asset mobility, and how each site and its related assets are maintained

Ok, what about CMMS software?

What is CMMS Software?

CAFM software includes CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) software, which is exclusively focused on maintenance. To offer insight into maintenance decisions and work orders, this software employs a single platform and a database of an organization’s maintenance activities

Axonator - CMMS Software

Uses of CAFM Software

CAFM software’s goal is to do analytics that aid in the identification of trends and patterns, allowing facility managers to operate and make choices regarding their company sites

Easy Cost Clarity

CAFM provides FMs with visibility into where expenditures are being spent and identifies areas where expenditure might be decreased by showing repair, maintenance, and upkeep service records for all facility locations

Evaluate Asset Conditions

CAFM displays asset conditions to FMs, such as work scheduled on individual pieces of equipment, work histories, warranties, and value depreciation. CAFM software is required for FMs to completely understand their equipment in order to plan repair or maintenance work, distribute funds, and determine facility value

Selecting Contractors

Facilities managers are frequently required to locate qualified contract employees with the necessary qualifications in order to execute work orders. CAFM software frequently includes contractor databases that consolidate contractor locations, accreditations, and contact information

Digital Invoices

When contractors finish their work, facility managers may pay them digitally and give comments. CAFM software makes it simple for facility managers to identify, recruit, pay, and assess the best contractors

Uses of CMMS Software

Bring Visibility into Processes

CMMS software preserves precise records of equipment history and human resources, as well as tracks job expenses

Read from the Data

Maintenance employees will have the knowledge they need to accomplish their tasks, and management will have the information they need to make productive maintenance choices and allocate resources effectively, thanks to CMMS software insights

Stay Relevant with Compliance

CMMS data may be used by facility managers to demonstrate regulatory compliance. FMs can identify what has to be done to make facility equipment compatible with regulatory requirements by keeping equipment information structured and easily accessible

Understanding the Differences by the Name

The naming convention can be quite confusing. But for you, it doesn’t matter how the vendor labels the solution; it’s if they’re the appropriate match for you that should guide your selection

However it is packaged, next-level room booking, space utilization, occupancy management, and sensor capabilities of a traditional CAFM system may be unneeded additions for many FM managers. They may even serve as a distraction as managers seek a quick and flexible deployment that addresses maintenance demands, compliance, and budgetary monitoring

What important to many Facilities Managers is that the solution can be right-sized to handle urgent and priority demands, and then expand with their business in an agile manner

Integrating CAFM and CMMS for Best Results

CAFM and CMMS tools, which have slightly different aims and competencies, work best when used together. CAFM software that includes CMMS features saves time and money while giving visibility into facility management operations

For example, by adopting CAFM software with CMMS capabilities, a firm that is trying to keep up with facility management may have access to a database that maintains all of its equipment and assets in one location

Integrating CAFM and CMMS for Best Results

The CAFM program is then used to determine which equipment will require repairs, maintenance, and upkeep, as well as when these tasks should take place

As the work is performed, the firm utilizes CMMS software to digitally monitor progress, eliminating the need to send a representative to oversee the job in person. The firm then distributes the contractors’ payments virtually, which is both speedy and saves money

In Conclusion

From the above information, you can deduce that CMMS may be a huge assistance to facility managers, but it does have limits

While CMMS covers tracking and maintenance, it lacks the critical performance and cost analytics required to make educated decisions, detect trends, discover and connect with contractors, and automate electronic payments

As a result, FMs must also have CAFM software capabilities. Facilities managers may oversee all elements of facility duties with the inclusion of CAFM software

Still wondering about the two acronyms?

You can also check out our CAFM and CMMS Software solutions for more information

If the confusion still persists, contact us and we will clear out all your differences

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