Top three trends reshaping the facility maintenance management landscape


Every day it seems that technologies are pushing the boundaries of the facility management industry. We live in an era where innovative technologies such as Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, and Machine Learning( ML) have become crucial part of our life. These new technologies are opening new vistas for facility maintenance management solution providers. In fact, reliable reports cite that the facility management market size is expected to surpass USD 65.5 billion by 2025. Companies operating in this sector are moving towards a customer-centric approach with several digital transformations disrupting it every now and then.

However, all of this comes at the expense of valuable resources. With every new advancement comes the complexity of processes, which can be difficult to adapt to for the facility management companies. With significant digital transformations, it has become imperative for FM organizations across the world to streamline all their maintenance services in more efficient ways and that’s where facility maintenance management software comes into picture!


With workflow automation being the cornerstone of every modern organization, businesses worldwide have started adopting facility maintenance management software to remain coordinated and interacted with the existing maintenance department. New technologies and trends such as CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System), AI-based maintenance scheduling, and facility maintenance management apps have been gaining prominence in recent years. The demand for better, faster, and more secure facility maintenance management solutions will never wane as long as these technologies keep on evolving and making facility management a breeze.

With so many developments within the industry, let’s have look at some of the leading technologies that are streamlining the facility maintenance management landscape.

Increasing preference towards workflow automation with micro apps

Digital transformation is considered as one of the biggest opportunities for the future the next and process automation is at its heart. However, it is not accurate and easy every time. Facility management business processes are complex and IT talent is quite hard to find. This has led to an increase in demand for micro apps that can manage and build automated maintenance workflows. These apps can be automatically deployed on mobile devices. They usually take dynamic forms as a input and take advantage of numerous features such as report generation, e-signature, and host of business-friendly capabilities.

These apps can be easily managed through smartphones. The maintenance officer need not be physically present at particular building sites or any other entity for allocation of maintenance tasks, leading to a significant saving of time and better convenience both for the organization and service staff.

By automating such maintenance routines, facility management companies can focus on more critical and pressing concerns and issues without worrying about missing opportunities and making catastrophic mistakes.

The advent of AI in facility maintenance management

Advancements in AI are real and happening with the technology finding profound applications in the facility management market. AI-based facility maintenance management software can conveniently perform tasks including creating maintenance schedules, repair reports, requests for replacement, evaluating critical tasks to appropriate persons.

AI-based tools can also work efficiently outside working hours, which makes it a viable choice for monitoring assets, machinery, and equipment that are nearing critical thresholds. Few companies are also using AI in making crucial decisions such as suspending operations, depending on the collected information. The implementation of AI has also improved productivity and efficiency, bringing down maintenance costs of the organizations.

The emergence of cloud-based maintenance management services

Every new digital technology requires the older systems to adapt to them, resulting in over layering on the existing infrastructure. As the world looks forward to excellent, new ways to revolutionize facility management industry digitally, one very important challenge they need to address is to make maintenance process simpler. This is where cloud-based maintenance management services enter.

Facility maintenance management software or tools hosted in the cloud have proven to be more stable and reliable, allowing users to increase productivity with little disruption due to faulty equipment & devices and slow performances.

In addition, cloud is known as secured data storage space. Through secure login portals, users can conveniently access maintenance tools, information, view their tasks, and enter new updates from anywhere in the world. Maintenance workers and teams can communicate efficiently even if they are working from various locations. Facility maintenance management services providers through cloud can advance the delivery of top-notch facility maintenance services.

The bottom line

In today’s digital world, we have efficiently moved from working with pen and paper to more flexible models. Today, all we need is the right device and internet connection to create facility maintenance management software and apps digitally.

Workflow automation, cloud, and AI are just some of the many technologies that will reshape the way facilities maintenance management activities are carried out. Facility management companies worldwide are capitalizing on the above mentioned technologies to streamline their facility management maintenance operations. It is the right time for the facility management providers to adapt to the futuristics requirements and this is ‘What ’s Next’ for the facility management industry.

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Learn Axonator Mobile form builder

Learn How Axonator Can Help You to Create an App

Our team will demonstrate how to create an app and use advanced features of Axonator.

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