Top 5 Mobile Inspection Apps in 2022

I am sure you’ll agree with me when I say mobile inspection apps have become a boon for field technicians.

They are better than paper-based processes, spreadsheets, or any web-based application for that matter.

Moreover, mobile inspection apps can help accelerate productivity, growth, and return on investment (ROI) in their day-to-day inspection operations.

In this article, we’ll discuss key mobile inspection apps that every field-based organization should have to increase the efficiency and ROI of their inspection operations.

But, before jumping onto the lists, let’s discuss the major points you need to cover before sourcing the mobile inspection app.

What is a Mobile Inspection?

A mobile inspection is nothing but the process of using smart devices like mobile phones or tablets to perform field inspection.

Organizations worldwide today are replacing paper inspections and forms with mobile apps to perform daily operations like field inspections, equipment inspections, facilities inspections, and more.

Typically, mobile inspections are performed by a technician in the field. He/she records all the data through mobile devices which are then automatically synced in real-time to the office or generated as a report for the customer.

Top 5 Inspection Apps to Get Started

As a leading provider of inspection apps, we have compiled the list of the most popular inspection apps available for business in 2022. You can also search Axonator MicroApp Store for more similar inspections. Follow the below links to see how it works or simply contact our team any time to learn more.

1. Equipment Inspection App

In today’s digital world, equipment inspections are still an invaluable method to avoid machinery malfunction and downtime. Correctly performed, the equipment helps the maintenance and reliability directly, ensures product consistency, reduces downtime, wastes scrap and re-work, and even improves continuously.

Organizations can improve their efficiency, speed, and accuracy of inspection operations. 

With insepction apps, companies can improve the efficiency, speed, and accuracy of inspection operations.

Here’s what you get with an Inspection app:

  • Overcome paper-based processes which are harder to collect, maintain, and hinder overall productivity.
  • Convert all paper-based documents into digital documents and drive efficiency.
  • Incorporate real-time images, videos, and annotations in inspection reports.
  • Workflow automation to route information to office members or response teams.
  • Notifications, alerts, and e-mails to improve communication across departments
  • Empower users with an easy, intuitive user interface and tools to inspect items more efficiently.
  • Complete the cycle of inspection while keeping everyone in the loop in the process including the customer.

2. Safety Inspection App

Safety inspection apps make it easy for organizations to monitor, measure, audit and review nearly everything related to the health and safety of an organization.

Here is how the safety inspection app helps your organization to maintain complete safety standards across the organization.

  • Digitize all your safety documents and checklists for conducting safety audits
  • Empowers organizations to perform safety audits using a mobile app
  • Digital checklists to improve compliance with industry, regional, and international safety standards like OSHA
  • Automatically send safety reports to the responsible team.
  • Achieve complete visibility over safety programs with real-time reports, e-mails, and notifications.
  •  Identify hazards and issue corrective actions for complete safety standards.

3. Quality Inspection App

Quality inspection apps act as a perfect digital ally for quality inspections to record product or process-related data, identify possible defects, and assign corrective action if needed. These quality inspection apps assure that inspections are carried out correctly at the right time and collect data for continuous improvement in products or processes.

Here is how you can standardize your processes with a quality inspection app:

  • Empowers your QA team with mobile apps to record quality inspections related data on the production line to ensure adherence to product or process quality standards.
  • QA team can choose defects from a pre-configured list of defects for the particular product that is being inspected.
  • Automatically send quality control/inspection reports to your supervisors in real-time.
  • Implement customizable checklists to perform product quality checks and comply with organizational, industry, and international quality standards like 6 Sigma and 5S.

4. Field Inspection App

Field inspection apps are particularly designed for field employees who need to perform inspections in the field. These apps have functionality like offline mode and QR-code that are specially built to keep field scenarios.

Here’s how a typical inspection app helps technicians perform daily activities. 

  • The field team can perform or log inspection-related data using form-based mobile apps.
  • Empowers the team to take pictures, and add annotations and notes.
  • A fully-customizable checklist that features customized controls for easy data input and capture of inspection information, including fail or passes buttons that are easy to tap 
  • Store data in a centralized location so that office members can also access this data
  • It helps field technicians to work offline to conduct inspections in areas with an internet connection.
  • Send automated inspection reports to the office members in real-time. 

5. Facilities Inspection App

The facilities inspection app is the most efficient way to ensure the quality and safety of facilities across all locations. These apps help managers and organizations alike to manage their facilities alongside maintaining assets, space, equipment, work orders, and many more.

Here’s how facilities inspection apps help organizations automate field operations, reduce costs, and improve efficiencies.

  • Facilities inspection apps digitize all paper forms & checklists into mobile apps to automate facility management processes like maintenance, inspections, audits, and more.
  • Empower technicians to inspect, monitor, and manage facilities in real-time
  • Create, assign, and manage facilities inspection work orders
  • It simplifies inspection work orders for field employees
  • Tracking and maintaining a record of previously performed inspections
  • Ensures regulatory compliance, collaboration, and mobility
  • Create automated inspection reports of facilities

How to Choose the Best Inspection App?

In this article, I’m also guiding organizations to choose the best inspection app. Consider the below parameters before making a purchase decision.

Easy-to-use & Implement

The best inspection app must be easy-to-use for your entire staff including a blue-collar workforce. These apps must be developed on no-code platforms or with advanced IT help with required customization, ensuring that you can quickly build apps and see a fast return on investment.

Secure and Compliant

Always look for an inspection app that has robust cloud security and is designed to comply with international security standards like GDPR, HIPAA, OSHA, and any other business-specific requirements to ensure data is stored properly.

Data Integrations and Insights

The right inspection apps will integrate with third-party apps that your business already uses. Data analysis and reporting capabilities must be robust to offer business insights in real-time so that operations leaders can make better business decisions.


Axonator is a leading provider of inspection apps for businesses across industries. Our extensive library of MicroApps is a great place to start when looking for the next app for your business. 

All of our mobile inspection apps are completely customizable and are built on our drag and drop interface that doesn’t require any coding to build apps. 

You can always connect with us here to tell us your requirements and we are more than happy to consult with you about the transformation of your inspection processes.

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