Top 10 Facilities Management Software

I’m sure you will agree with me how facilities management software has become a boon for facility managers. They are better than paper-based processes or any spreadsheet for that matter.
Furthermore, the digitalization of operations and automation of workflows has simplified the overall facility management landscape.
However, investing in good facilities management software for your organization is a whole another story. There are a variety of different facilities management and their different use case to discuss before you can buy one for yourself.
You need to consider your goals, the features you need, the ease of implementation, integration options, and the most important the expenditure before making any kind of decision.
But don’t worry we are here to help you out.
This article will give exactly what you need to get started with the right selection of facilities management software.
Before jumping onto the lists, let’s cover the major points you need to cover before sourcing the software solution.

The Guide to Select the Right FMS

The key to getting the most out of the tool is to choose the finest program for your needs. If you’ve never used digital before or are unhappy with your existing application, this article will help you make the best choice when the time comes.
Incident Management App

Evaluate Your Current Facility Management Needs

To get the most out of facilities management software, you must first determine how and to what extent you intend to use it. This type of introspection is the first step toward maximizing facility management advantages from software that suits your company’s day-to-day operating demands.

Identify Your Most Critical Facility Management Tasks

Every workplace is unique, as is every business, and each facilities management team is justified in choosing a personalized strategy. That is why it is critical to conduct a tailored assessment of your unique demands.
After you’ve made a broad evaluation of what you want from a software application, go more detailed so you can home in on the aspects that are most important to you. Consider the top three most critical facility management activities you must complete on a regular basis.

Consider Difficulty of Implementation

There are numerous reasons to avoid bloated software with unnecessary functionality. The team members in your workplace most likely already have a lot of work on their plates and a lot of skills they’d like to master in order to do a better job. Learning how to learn a very complicated system is probably not high on the priority list.

Assess User Interface and Features

A basic software solution that solves your specific objectives is likely to be quicker to implement, but the user interface is also crucial. Even apparently trivial issues, such as the quality of the design and the intuitiveness of the user interface, will have an impact on how satisfied your team is with the platform you select.

Organization Scalability

You should consider how your use of the platform will evolve over time. Your needs now may not be the same as your needs six months or a year from now. Thinking forward can help you discover software that can adapt with you and continue to fulfill your demands no matter what occurs in the future.

The Consideration of Reviews

Making a final selection in this sector may be difficult, so don’t be afraid to confirm your ideas and rely on the words of other pros to restrict your alternatives. The greatest facilities management software is frequently accompanied by glowing testimonials from customers who have found value in the platform.

Demo and Explore

If at all feasible, demo or try as many of your potential software choices as possible. This will not only offer you a hands-on, real-time understanding and feel for the platform, but it will also give you an idea of what to expect if you choose that particular facility management software system.

Making the Final Decision

After you’ve thoroughly evaluated the various facilities management software systems against the criteria mentioned above, it’s time to make an informed selection that will benefit you, your employees, and your company. Check each platform against your criteria, notes, critiques, reviews, and positive checks to discover which choices stand out.

Top Features of the Best Facility Management Software

Mobility via Facility Management Software
  • Cloud-based
  • Offers full visibility into operations
  • Space management
  • Asset Management and maintenance
  • Streamlines asset management and maintenance services
  • Workplace experience
  • Enterprise-level security
  • User-friendly and mobile-first approach
  • Automated reported

Top 10 Facility Management Software

After all the successful evaluations, here are some of the top names that will come into your search while browsing the successful vendors for FM software.

IBM Tririga

IBM describes Tririga as an ‘integrated workplace management solution that can help you design a safe, flexible workplace, increase employee engagement and drive operational efficiency in your facilities’.

Key Features:

  • Monitor building and workspace occupancy 
  • Reduce costs and mitigate financial impacts
  • Streamline and consolidate leases
  • Workplace experience
  • Predict maintenance 
  • Manage and extend capital projects

Friendly user experience: No
Mobile-first app: No
Customizability: Yes

Cost: High

Axonator FM

Axonator FM Software is built upon the no-code architecture and offers the management of facilities, quality maintenance, and automation of work order generation & allocation. All-in-one FM/CMMS/CAFM software, Axonator brings together teams, data, assets, and processes to streamline complex operations, helps to reduce costs and improves efficiencies.

Four most advantageous features of Axonator:
  • Robust focus on the mobile platform
  • Automatic report generation
  • Workflow builder
  • Customizability
  • Integration.
These features collectively make it the most powerful facility management software present in the market.

The mobile-centric platform has been praised by critics for its exceptional user interface and experience. It has also followed quite a fan following for its asset management, work order management, space management, and inventory management.

Friendly user experience: Yes
Mobile-first app: Yes
Customizability: Yes

Cost: Low (custom pricing)


iOffice Inc. advertises its solutions to make workforces more productive, create exceptional experiences, and simplify facility and equipment management.
Key Features:
  • Workplace management, 
  • Employee experience
  • Office services
  • Reporting and business intelligence

Friendly user experience: No
Mobile-first app: No
Customizability: Yes

Cost: High


Condeco is the global leader in workspace scheduling technology. The company aims to help employees easily match their work schedules to the spaces they need.
Key Features:
  • Workplace management
  • Workplace productivity
  • Workplace analytics
  • Employee experience
  • Integrations

Friendly user experience: No
Mobile-first app: Yes
Customizability: Yes

Cost: Intermediate to High (Custom Pricing)


Robin gives people the freedom to work how and where they choose, while also giving companies with the tools and insights they need to thrive.
Key Features:
  • Space Management 
  • Real-time office maps 
  • Workplace analytics
  • Hybrid workplace
  • Office area management
  • Desk and room booking
  • Analytics to improve workplace strategy

Friendly user experience: Yes
Mobile-first app: No
Customizability: Yes

Cost: High


ServiceChannel provides an integrated suite of cloud- and mobile-based solutions to assist in the management of the entire facilities management process, including the identification of contractors and suppliers, the entry of all planned and demand service requests, the tracking of work orders, and the processing of payments.
Key Features:
  • Spend optimization
  • Workflow automation
  • Data-driven analytics
  • Asset management
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor management

Friendly user experience: No
Mobile-first app: Yes
Customizability: Yes

Cost: High


ServiceNow, which is marketed to all businesses, is a cloud-based facilities management software that assists in improving resource usage in order to decrease operating expenditures and priorities services.
Key Features:
  • IT Workflows
  • Employee Workflows
  • Customer Workflows
  • Creator Workflows

Friendly user experience: No
Mobile-first app: No
Customizability: Yes

Cost: High

Fexa Facilities Management Software

Fexa delivers an intuitive user interface to a versatile and smart suite of software and tools supported by a creative, experienced, and helpful team to facilities and operations teams.
Key features:
  • Asset and preventive maintenance
  • Real-time visibility
  • Integration
  • Clean modern design

Friendly user experience: Yes
Mobile-first app: Yes
Customizability: Yes

Cost: High (Custom Pricing)

Corrigo FMS

Corrigo is an all-in-one facilities management software that has been liked by organizations for user friendly and easy to modify. It is customizable and offers an easy way to use.
Key features:
  • Work order management 
  • Asset management
  • Predict & optimize spend
  • Customer portal
  • Vendor management
  • Dispatch management
  • Insights & dashboards

Friendly user experience: Yes
Mobile-first app: No
Customizability: Yes

Cost: Intermediate

eMaint CMMS

As a complete CMMS solution, eMaint has been praised by its customers for its ease of use and customizability. The user interface is also nice and easy to navigate. Interaction tool is also liked by many customers
Key features:
  • Offers asset management
  • Work order management
  • Condition monitoring
  • Tasks and schedules
  • Parts and inventory
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Data visualization
  • Mobile maintenance

Friendly user experience: No
Mobile-first app: Yes
Customizability: Yes

Cost: Intermediate

Top Questions to Ask Vendors Regarding FM Software

As previously said, not all FM software solutions are the same. Spend some time thinking on the answers to the following ten questions to identify your ideal fit:
Facility management webinar

What kind of functionality does facility management software solution offer?

Before you begin your study, it is a good idea to have well-defined goals for what you hope to achieve with a facilities management system. The best platforms offer a flexible suite of configurable tools:

  • Work order management
  • Asset management
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Inventory management
  • Vendor management
  • Key management
  • Space planning
  • Reporting and analytics

Does the Vendor offer mobile apps?

One of the primary reasons for automating your facilities management is to increase efficiency. When you add the option to use a mobile app for real-time communication and database access, the efficiency factor skyrockets.

Most mobile apps will be accessible for Android and iOS devices–but make sure to double-check that the solution will function with the device that your department uses.

Can the solution be customized?

While each site is unique, the majority of a facility manager’s requirements are identical across the board. With that in mind, you should be able to quickly locate solutions that can be tailored to your unique tastes and workflows–whether you’re in charge of a single facility or a portfolio of campuses.

How easy is the solution to use?

Before proceeding with a chat with a vendor, you should always arrange to witness a demonstration of the solution’s capabilities.

How long will implementation take?

Implementation times range from a few months to well over a year, depending on how many sites are being transformed and how many apps are included in your selected package.

Be wary of suppliers who provide estimates that differ considerably from the others you’ve received or that your intuition tells you are unreasonable.

How long have you been in the facilities management software industry?

Examine the history and reputation of each provider. A respectable supplier would highlight happy clients on their website’s testimonials page.

What do you offer in terms of training and ongoing support?

It’s rare that an FM software supplier will give you a system and then leave you to figure out how to use it on your own, but it’s better to know what training entails upfront.

What does the cost include?

Don’t assume that all suppliers’ fee structures are the same. Make certain that you have a clear grasp of what you will receive in exchange for the money you spend.

In Conclusion

All of the above facilities management software are made to do one thing; help companies achieve the utmost perfection with their facilities management. And all of them succeed at that part.
However, each of them has a perfect side and an improving side that caters to different kinds of organizations and managers.

Here, check out our FM software solution built for any kind of industry, process, or organization.

Other than that, download this e-book to see how Axonator stacks up against all of these vendors in terms of simplicity and ease of use.

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