The 3 Ways To Fix Safety Violations On Your Shop Floor

Did you know that manufacturing companies end up paying millions of dollars for safety violations and injuries as penalties?

In fact, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the automobile industry recorded 13,150 nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses that resulted in valuable time away from work.  

This is a scary number!

Sadly, this number keeps increasing every year. 

Accidents can happen, and when they do, it’s crucial to have a way to track and manage the issues so that they do not occur again. 

Unfortunately, many firms still employ paper-based processes to conduct safety audits and inspections. This overall slows down their capacity to resolve issues effectively in real time and use this information to prevent future safety. 

So if you are looking for ways to fix safety issues for your organization, you are at the right place. 

But before moving forward, let’s first discuss what safety violations are.  

What are Safety Violations?

In simple words, safety violations are failure or refusal to conform to workplace safety standards, rules, instructions, or procedures. A single safety violation can lead to hefty fines, production shutdowns, or even injuries. 

Thus, safety should be the top priority of any business out there. Still, it’s significantly more crucial on the shop floor because safety violations across your shop floor can lead to severe injuries or even deaths. That’s why it’s so important to take steps to fix safety violations as soon as possible. 


The shop floor is the most dangerous place in any factory, where most of the machines are located and where most of the work is done. This makes it very important to have a safe working environment on the shop floor. 

Failing to address safety violations for your automobile company can have several consequences for your business. 

  • First, it can lead to increased workers’ compensation costs. 
  • Second, it can result in production shutdowns due to accidents. 
  • Third, it can damage the company’s reputation and make it challenging to attract and retain customers.
  • Finally, it can lead to legal action against the company.


Here’s how companies that do not have a robust system in place to counter safety violations and OSHA non compliances go through  

Safety Violations and Penalties Due to Major Injuries to Employees

Companies often get lawsuits and heavy penalties because of lapses in their safety compliances. They miss their safety inspections and audits, or their results are distorted and do not help the management get a clear picture of the potential dangers for the shop floor employees. 

Delays in Flagging and Resolving Safety Violation Issues

The safety officers cannot receive safety inspection reports on time because of the manual workflows. Moreover, they cannot track and monitor safety violations in real time. 

Difficulties in Sending and Receiving Reminders To Fix The Safety Issues

Even if the company has some ready-made software to help them streamline its processes, they cannot send or receive real-time reminders for every safety violation or non-compliance. 

No Way To Track The Status Of The Corrective Measures Taken By The Company

Despite the company taking many innovative measures to ensure the safety of the staff on the shop floor, there is no accountability. Because they cannot track appropriately whether those corrective measures were correctly implemented and brought the desired results. 


We know that conducting inspections or audits of safety violations can be tedious for all your plants because it could lead to serious human error, especially when performed manually. 

And the ready-made solutions that are one fit for all are a big no-no for the automobile industry because they do not cater to the industry’s unique needs. 

So what do you think is an ideal solution? 

We make this easy for you by jotting down the solutions that we think are best for your automobile company.

Digitized Safety Operations with Mobile Apps

You might want to digitize your company’s inspections and audits by replacing your paper checklists and forms with mobile apps. Why? Because they are slowing down your ability to address issues as they occur. 

A mobile app would enable your shop floor staff to capture and record critical safety-related information. With timely and accurate data collection, you can easily comply with not just one but several safety regulations simultaneously. 

Real-Time Resolution of Safety Violations

Using software equipped with analytics dashboards and automated reporting systems is always better. These help the company record safety violations in real time and allow for quick resolution of problems that might have surfaced during the inspection or the audit. 

Reminders for Safety Violations

Automated Near Misses & Incident Reporting

The automakers can now store all their safety audits and inspection data in a centralized place. Using a mobile app, they can easily record and communicate reliable information related to near-misses, incidents, and other safety hazards. It also helped the company to generate automated near misses, incident reports, and reminders to take further actions on resolution. 


This article discusses the pain points of safety violations that cost automobile companies significant fines, penalties, and compensations. 

One major cause of increasing accidents and fatalities is paper-based safety audits and inspections that slow down the company’s ability to identify specific dangers to the employees’ health and safety.

But this can be encountered with a robust software solution that can multiply your ability to detect and prevent the common causes of accidents and injuries. 

So If you are ready to bring digital transformation to your automobile shop floor management and audits, Axonator could be a perfect match because we are an enterprise-grade, no-code mobile app builders that can help you convert your paper forms and digital checklists into mobile apps with ease.

Connect with our safety here to know Axonator can help you save thousands of dollars in compliance penalties.  

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