Selected Features of a Space Management Software That Facility Managers Vie

On the Go Booking in a Hot-Desking Environment

The space management software helps facility managers to manage a hot-desking schedule, where seats are booked in advance and also help maintain social distancing norms. But this is not the only way a space management system helps facility managers in such kinds of constraints. This allotment of hot-desks can be automated as per the type of micro app utilized for this purpose. Also, users can raise service requests that can be catered to immediately through a helpdesk management system integrated with a space management app. In addition, the automatic switching off or switching on of lights, HVAC systems and other vital features help on the front of energy and resource conservation.

Managing Multiple Building Sites In Multiple Clusters, Spread in Multiple Locations

While the on-the-go mobility feature for managing multiple building sites is now taken as a normalized feature, there are still lots of glitches in some space management systems. A well made space management helps facility managers to coordinate all these multiple entities in a singular platform in the form of a space management software. In addition, as some of the regions may have a dominant language other than English, multi-lingual support is also given in an advanced space management system.

Taking Work Shifts and Multiple Time-Slots Into Consideration

Facility managers face a lot of challenges, especially post-pandemic, where work hours are getting longer and companies are even working in multiple time shifts. Hence, due to the tight deadlines, to carry out maintenance of workspaces, building equipment associated with working spaces and creating an ambient work environment where all the aspects of a comfortable and a productive work environment are taken care of using a space management software. In tandem with other related apps catering to space allocation and management, a space management software helps in creating a synergy between the different modules used, catering to all occupied building spaces, helping in tackling multiple work shifts and multiple time-slots in consideration.

Conducting Space Occupation Analysis For Refinement

A high-end space management software comes with robust data collection and transmission capabilities. It also displays the collected data in different formats and in various ways in the form pie charts, bar graphs, drill down dashboards, detailed KPIs displaying dashboards, and various others. Such type of dashboards help to display the detailed and comprehensive analysis carried out by the apps. This type of analysis helps facility managers and other decision makers to weigh in their options and conduct a strategic decision making method that helps in taking informed and high positive impact decisions, giving them a clear advantage over their competitors. Such a decision making capability turns out to be a vital asset for facility management companies to cement their position in the market.

Smart Integration Capabilities for a Superior App

Facility managers want a comprehensive solution that is able to integrate well with third-party apps and enhance the implemented app ecosystem in such a manner that all the functions related to space management are complimented with the facility management software module. This leads to a streamlined system that works well both with the facility managers and the end users who happen to consume the services of such micro apps leading to a high customer satisfaction levels.

A seamless integration with third-party apps leads to the IT departments from the customer end spending less and less time on resolving issues. Such an open app ecosystem results in a significant uptick on the performance parameters while less and less time and capital are consumed in the deployment of such apps.

Encourages the Formation of an Agile Workplace

The main aim of any digital transformation initiative in the form of deploying no-code MicroApps is to bring transparency and accountability to all stakeholders. A space management software implementation works in this direction itself, and brings forth a system in which staff at different levels are encouraged to communicate and collaborate with each other. Also, as the efficiency of each worker increases due to a streamlined business process, they become more and more engaged with further refinement of the process and help to achieve the intended common goal of the organization.

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