How Mobile Data Collection App Saved an American Firm $58K Annually.

How Axonator's Mobile Data Collection App Saved an American Firm $58K Annually
Business ventures are always under a considerable amount of pressure and are constantly demanded to increase the companies harvest from time to time.
There are many other tasks excluding data collection which one organization has to perform to grow their business including tasks like keeping the stakeholders satisfied, follow quality control inspectors guidelines, launch new products or provide new services, and you have to do all this keeping the tight budget in your mind. 
Carter and Freeman inc. was in all sorts of trouble as their expenses exceeded their limited budget. Under an immense pressure, Vice president of Carter and Freeman inc. Mr. Daniel Jacoby took a decision to switch from their traditional methods of gathering information to mobile data collection app.
This decision happened to change their companies fortunes and helped them save a whopping $58k annually transforming their start-up business completely. How did they achieve it? Let’s take a look at it.

1. Removing human errors

The initial analysis by the team of Carter and Freeman inc. Revealed that more than 50% of the data was rendered useless as it was termed unreadable by its reviewers.
Data written on paper can be erased or made difficult to read by many odd circumstances such as horrible handwriting, unexpected rains or even perhaps coffee being dropped on your data sheet by your pet.
How does it matter?
Well, Incorrect and incomplete data renders the future processes of analyzing the data useless. The field supervisor hence has to redo all the work again costing the company a great deal of time and money.

The introduction of mobile forms in Carter and Freeman inc. eliminated this error with a staggering 100% result.

This was possible because of the electronic language which is much more readable and hence the next viewer of data does not have to depend on the mercy of data collector’s writing or his pet’s behaviour.

2. Boosting the efficiency of the staff

What do you get by removing errors and saving time? You get a huge increase in the productivity of the company.
This is because the employee now has a lot of idle time which he can utilize to do a lot of work in advance which he/she was supposed to finish in future.
Before the use of data collection app a field supervisor in Carter and Freeman inc. used to spend an average of 11 hours in the field.
This was reduced to a mere 5 hours most of which was the time spent travelling. Imagine the time and money that can be saved in a years time, Incredible isn’t it?
The next one is also a simple yet effective way of saving money.

3. Reducing data entry work

As a back office employee, Shirley was the only person who was responsible in transferring the field data back into the company’s server.
This was a necessary step as it enabled the supervisors to access the field service report for future use.
The company’s decision to introduce mobile forms reduced the process greatly saving much more time in the back office entry work.
Because of this, the company was able to save a massive 10k dollars in expense annually and also gave Shirley a reason to smile.

4. Productivity gained via new insights

The one thing a company wants is to learn from all the past experiences. The mobile forms gave them another way to save money just as they thought they have saved enough. Gaining new insights have helped Carter and Freeman inc. save a lot of money.
For example they had 2 field supervisors were working in the same area earlier which was not known until the use of mobile-based forms which helped them to track their location, This gave the supervisor an idea to separate the work routes of both the workers stopping the excess wastage of time and money as only one person was enough there to collect the required information in a single area.


All these factors were beneficial to Daniel Jacoby and his firm and helped them save more than $58k annually.
With saving money and time being the prime benefits, the mobile forms are even the need of the hour as we are living in a generation which is technology-oriented who likes their jobs to be done hassle free and save as much money, all this is only possible with the use of mobile data forms.

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