What are the Roles and Responsibilities of Facilities Managers?

Facility manager is a challenging job.

They are in charge of commercial property maintenance and upkeep, ensuring that the buildings and grounds are adequately cared for.
They manage the on-site workforce as well as scheduling and budgeting for everything from routine maintenance to big building projects.
Indeed that’s a lot of responsibilities.

But how do they do it?

A facilities manager’s responsibilities range from strategic planning and maintenance to managing third-party vendors and assisting personnel.
Despite the enormous number of activities necessary to maintain a building operating, the role of a facilities manager is sometimes neglected.
But don’t worry.
I’m here for them.
In this article, I am going to explain the need for a good facility manager, their contributions in maintaining good facilities management, alongside sharing their job description and core roles and responsibilities.

Let’s start with the importance of good facility management.

What is the Need for Good Facility Management?

Effective facilities management is critical to the success of any company, regardless of size or scope.

Good facility management and upkeep may increase your organization’s adaptability, flexibility, and sustainability.
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It guarantees that company activities are efficient and seamless and that they are not frequently disrupted by a wide range of technological issues.
A Facility Manager does and accomplishes all of the above statistics and does more than that.
Let’s see them in more detail.
A facilities manager’s responsibilities might vary based on the facility and the organization. There are, however, standard building processes for which managers are required to be accountable.

What Does a Facilities Manager do?

These range from strategic planning and day-to-day operations management to security and facility upkeep. As well as safeguarding the inhabitants’ health and safety.
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Typically, facilities professionals are expected to handle a variety of services such as:
  • Facility Maintenance planning
  • Property management
  • Space management
  • Infrastructure management
  • Building administration
  • Building maintenance
  • Testing and inspections
  • Contract management
  • EHS (environment, health, safety)
  • Security management
  • Renovations and refurbishments managing
Ok, but what about their qualifications and knowledge?

What Qualifications does a Facilities Manager Need?

Many facilities management graduate programs and graduate-level entry jobs are accessible to students from all degree fields.
However, some companies will need or prefer a degree relating to the built environment, especially building services engineering or business studies.
  • degree in facilities management
  • higher national diploma
  • foundation degree or
  • a related qualification in management, engineering, or business studies

What are the Core Roles and Responsibilities of a Facility Manager?

In general, the facility manager’s duty is to guarantee that the facility operates as it should on a regular basis by doing daily inspections and repairs, and maintenance.

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Here is a list of some of the responsibilities of a facility manager:
  • Finding and supervising function contracts and service providers
  • Counseling firms on cost-cutting and efficiency initiatives the facility’s efficacy
  • Overseeing staff teams from several divisions
  • ensuring that basic facilities are well-maintained and engaging in preventative maintenance
  • Coping with emergency situations as they arise
  • Budget management
  • Assigning and managing inter-building space
  • Ensuring that facilities comply with government requirements as well as environmental, health, and security criteria
  • Advising firms on how to improve their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness supervising construction projects, renovations, or refurbishments

What is the Job Description of a Facility Manager?

Here’s a simple checklist describing the job description of a facility manager.
  • Overseeing multi-disciplinary teams of employees such as cleaning, maintenance, groundskeeping, and security
  • Ensuring that essential amenities, such as water and heating, are kept in good working order
  • Budget management and cost-effectiveness
  • Assigning and managing inter-building space
  • Ensuring that facilities comply with government requirements as well as environmental, health, and security criteria
  • Advising firms on how to improve their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness supervising construction projects, renovations, or refurbishments

Why Facility Managers Need a Digital Platform for Modern Facility Management?

While we have covered this topic in detail, here are the modern features as to why facility managers should opt for a digital platform for managing their facilities.

Cost Control and Optimal Use of Resources

Keeping all criteria in mind, any digital software aids in simplifying building and equipment maintenance procedures, inspections, and monitoring and tracking of all operations and staff on-site to reach peak performance. As a result, it aids with cost control.

Effective Asset Management

A digital platform supports the maintenance of such important equipment by automating maintenance and inspection work orders and maintaining an appropriate inventory level of needed spare parts and supplies.

Increasing Workforce Engagement and Collaboration

A digital program makes it simple to use, offers the essential assistance for completing key activities on time, and enables good communication and collaboration with other team members and senior management for correct advice and briefings.

Optimal Time Management

A digital field service management software solution assists managers in making the most use of their time, as well as in planning and prioritizing activities.

Timely Reporting and Maintaining Accurate Records

A variety of maintenance operations, equipment, and building inspections, and the fulfillment of different service requests are performed on a daily basis, and it is critical that all such actions be reported on time and accurately for improved productivity and efficiency.

In Conclusion

The role of a facility manager is a broad one.
It entails a lot of work and supervision.
I’m sure this article has helped you to understand the arduous work facility managers have to do.

And helping them through their hard work, we have created Axonator Facility Management Software for all their needs.

While you are here, you can check out the Top Facilities Management Software and the guide to select one.

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