How Axonator Solved a Common Pitfall Almost All Inspection Companies Suffer From?

How Axonator solved a common pitfall almost all inspection companies suffer from
Many companies that have inspectors and auditors that go on job-sites have this one common problem which Axonator solves very elegantly.
What happens is these auditors start their typical day at the office, prepare for the inspection and drive to the job site.
One of the key problems many auditors face is that when they inspect they are not sure whether they inspected all the components at the job site that were planned to be inspected.
Before leaving to the job site the auditors typically have access to a floor plan of the job site. The auditors determine the types and number of components to be inspected at the site based on the floor plan.
A typical inspection goes on for hours and it is difficult to track and make sure everything that was planned is actually done.
Common solution auditors use to solve this problem is to make a checklist of components and their quantity to be inspected and then manually verify all components are completely inspected at the end of the inspection.
However, the verification process is manual and hence tedious and error-prone.
“In fact, the entire inspection process for many companies is manual and uses pen and paper to take notes. Axonator provides a digital solution to automate this process by easily creating mobile versions of the paper forms.”
Axonator solves the problem of missed components during the inspection by providing a feature called Pre-Inspection Checklist form. A pre-inspection checklist is a form which can be filled at the office. An auditor enters the number of components of each type to be inspected.
At the job-site when the auditor attempts to submit the form, the mobile app stops them from a successful submission until they actually inspect all the components to match the numbers listed in the checklist.
This seemingly simple feature proves to be a great savior for our clients. Now they don’t have to worry about the mistakes of these kinds.
Apart from this checklist enforcement, Axonator’s validation engine makes sure none of the inputs from the auditor are out of range of standard or pre-determined values.

The validation feature of Axonator is one of the key reasons why many engineering and other inspection companies are adopting Axonator mobile forms solution.

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