Everything You Need to Know About Quality Control Digital Checklist

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say – leading manufacturing companies across the world have been investing in numerous digital technologies to improve manufacturing excellence.

And ‘Digital Checklist’ is one among many technologies that will help companies to achieve the same.

In this article, I’m going to explain what a quality control digital checklist is, its importance in manufacturing, and will also provide guidance on how to implement digital checklists in manufacturing scenarios.

What is Quality Control Digital Checklist?

Quality control digital checklists act as a guide for quality inspectors for identifying a possible product or process defects. 

These checklists assure that audits or inspections are carried out correctly at the right time and place and collect data for continuous improvement measures.

Mobile app makes facility management super easy.

Why are Digital Checklists Necessary?

Manufacturing companies across the globe are striving for continuous improvement to pursue manufacturing excellence.

This includes efficient quality as well as safety processes, the optimization of the overall equipment effectiveness, and the removal of waste from production. 

Below are the ways how digital checklists can act as a boon for manufactures.

Eliminate the Use of Paper Forms & Checklists

Digital checklists help your organization to eliminate the use of paper forms & checklists and give your organization a digital makeover. 

It is less time-consuming for employees, as they no longer have to go through memos and still be aware of what the tasks are for their day.

Digital checklists are also much easier to glance down at a list of tasks they need to complete, increasing their productivity.

Convert Paper Forms into Mobile Forms

Route Information to Relevant Stakeholders

Quality control digital checklist manufacturing is a great way to need transfer data to the relevant team. You would have all your information in an easy-to-navigate format for everyone!

Axonator | Workflow Management Software

This also maximizes your efficiency and time management while saving unnecessary manpower usage.

It enables field staff members to instantly transmit and document rich information related to compliance standards.

You can also automatically trigger alerts and notifications based on the specific data inputs in the digital forms for effective functioning.

Automatically Generate Quality Audit Reports

Digital checklist enables you to create reports at your convenience anywhere you like and save a lot of time and paper.  You can send audit reports to relevant stakeholders in just one tap.

Axonator | Automatic Generation of Completion Reports

Task Automation for Faster Processes

Using digital checklists helps your company save time, whereas filling out and formatting paperwork is something that should be avoided at all costs. All that is required of users is to check off tasks and click a button in order to submit reports or exchange information.

5 Digital Checklist that Every Quality Inspector Should Have

1. Quality Control Digital Checklists

Quality control digital checklists assist manufacturing organizations to standardize quality control processes in order to ensure top-quality products free from defects and meet customer requirements.

It helps companies in below mentioned areas;

Statistical Process Control (SPC) Through Mobile Apps

Quality inspectors can monitor and control quality by recording & tracking production metrics using mobile phones and tablets. It helps quality managers identify and solve problems before products leave the facility.

Quality Improvement Through Corrective Measures

The QC checklists helps manufacturing companies to increase quality improvements by assigning corrective actions for the processes that are not performing well. 

while reducing costs and mitigating the risk of poor quality, compliance issues, and process violations.

Comply With Global Quality Standards

With the Axonator quality control checklists app, manufacturing companies can comply with global security standards like six sigma to ensure products meet customers’ needs and have zero defects.

2. Manufacturing Risk Assessment Checklists

A manufacturing risk assessment checklist helps organizations to identify and control risks in the workplace. Axonator risk assessment checklist app helps you to have a systematic examination to identify hazards, faulty processes, assess injuries, log incidents, and implement control measures to reduce risks.

It helps companies in below mentioned areas;

Generate Robust Assessment Reports

With the complete risk assessment report at hand, you can generate digital reports that provide end-to-end information on the risk assessment.

Implement Necessary Improvement and Changes

Companies can inform relevant stakeholders about the complete risk assessment findings. You can convey risk factors and bring new ideas to further strengthen risk assessment for different sites.

Reinforce Responsibility and Accountability

You can create a culture of responsibility among workers through mobile phones. Facilitate collaborative culture across departments, send notifications, and reports, and improve overall risk management

Enable Workers to Be Proactive

Companies can enforce a proactive approach to safety. Identify risks, capture photos, add annotations, and record workplace injuries beforehand to understand and know the possible solutions to handle the situations

3. Machine Inspection Checklists:

Quality assets are key to achieving quality products. If you are a quality inspector, you must use machine inspection checklists to keep your equipment in optimal condition.  

You can perform periodic and complete visual inspections using this comprehensive inspection checklist. Identify any damage or other harmful condition, indicating where repair is needed.

Use digital machine inspection checklists to perform below mentioned activities.

Track Day-to-day Inspection Activities

Track all the machine inspection details including, issues found, defects, wear and tear, technician name, and other details

Schedule Inspections In Advance

Use the scheduler feature to get notified about future inspections activities in advance through the machine inspection checklist app.

Manage Assets Easily

These checklists make it simple to develop, edit, and distribute audit and inspection checklists, giving you the guarantee that all assets are working in their prime condition.

Create Timely Maintenance Schedule

Collect most important information like inspection data, inspection history, current asset usage, current condition, etc. at data entry points to create a digital maintenance schedule and get notified when the time comes.

4.Compliance Audit Checklist

For quality inspectors, it is important to stay compliant with quality standards. Compliance audit checklist helps the organizations to standardize processes, identify organizational gaps, and mitigate risks to stay in line with local as well as global regulations.

You can use these checklists in the below mentioned areas;

Adhering to Standards and Compliance

It enables you to perform a systematic review of your organization’s adherence to predefined benchmarks set by a governing body through mobile phones. The checklist makes it easy to standardize processes, identify organizational gaps, and mitigate risks.

Ensure a Safe Working Environment:

Comply with government requirements and protocols intended to promote a secure and stress-free workspace. Complete audits and stay on the right path of compliance.

Comply With Legal Issues

Meet all regulatory requirements in order to legally operate and avoid litigation. Use the checklist to ensure that your organization is operating in accordance with the applicable laws.

Keep Up With The Management

Ensure the effectiveness of the management system of your organization. Also, ensure that processes are adhering to the overall goals and objectives of your organization.

5. Lean Manufacturing Audit Checklist App

Implementing lean manufacturing practices will help your organization to improve quality practices in a tremendous way.

Lean manufacturing audit checklists make it easy for organizations to evaluate manufacturing procedures and facilities according to 5S manufacturing strategies to maximize productivity while simultaneously minimizing waste and improving product quality.

You can use these checklists in the below mentioned areas;

Empowering Your Production Workforce With Mobile Apps

Evaluate your manufacturing processes with easy-to-use checklist-based mobile maps. Capture pictures, add annotations, and monitor processes to achieve operational excellence.

Complete Process Audits With Editable Checklists

Create new checklists as per your business needs. Your process audit data will automatically be saved in a secure, centralized dashboard. Use insights through this data to make better business decisions.

Save Time From Drafting And Filing 5S Reports

Automatically generate reports with photos upon completing the 5S audit so key stakeholders are always updated and visibility across your operations is improved.

Identify Common Failures To Improve Productivity:

Identify common failures so that you can take action and prevent future problems from happening. Manipulate 5S data with seamless integrations to third-party systems

Benefits of Quality Control Digital Checklist

From data collection, image annotation, process analysis to real-time digital reports, digital checklists offers countless benefits to manufacturing organizations.

You Can Access Checklists At Any Time

Digital checklists empower users to utilize the mobile app on any device at any time. Moreover, managers who want to keep an eye on everything may do so quickly, even across different locations.

Clear Communication Across Departments

Quality control digital checklist to have the data to know who is doing what, how effectively they are doing it, and how frequently they are doing it. Everything is recorded as it is completed, saving you time and money in the long run.

Saves Time and Space and Set Right Priorities

Because everything will be in one location, investing in a paperless system for your checklists will not only save you time, but it will also save you room because everything will be in one place. Additionally, reduced expenses in this area will contribute to a more organized bottom line.

Task Automation for Faster Processes

Digital checklists empower users to utilize the mobile app on any device at any time. Moreover, managers who want to keep an eye on everything may do so quickly, even across different locations.

Hassle-free Updates and Upgradation

Thanks to the cloud-based no-code architecture, you don’t need to worry about updating or upgrading your applications. You can continue your work with productivity without any delays in app up-gradation or worrying about new rules and compliance.

How to Convert Paper forms & Checklists Into Digital Checklists?

Although digital checklists are one of the easiest ways for organizations, adoption across your entire organization isn’t easy.

While this may seem like a challenging transition, the Axonator Quality Control Digital Checklist app is designed to make going paperless a breeze.

Axonator is one of the leading no-code platform that helps organizations to create digital checklists in just a few days.

The platform has some prebuilt components including form builder, workflow builder, report & dashboard builder, and integration capabilities of automating your complete day-to-day operations.

Learn how Axonator can help you transition your company to a completely paperless system for creating a quality control digital checklist.

Create, Edit, Save, and Share Custom Checklists

Developing custom digital checklists is a matter of a few clicks with Axonator.  The app creation process is intuitive, no-code, easy, and responsive customer support on standby.

Organizations have access to thousands of pre-built libraries that can be assembled and reused with just drag-and-drop features for creating custom checklists that fit your unique needs.

Organizations can also choose to edit an existing template instead of developing their own app from scratch. Once you are finished creating your custom forms, they are immediately accessible from your mobile device and ready for use in the office or the field.

Advanced Features and Integrations

One of the major benefits of switching to mobile apps is the efficiency they offer.

Checklist-based Mobile Apps are digital variants of your existing documents, with the added enhancement of advanced features like scheduler, GPS location, QR-code scanning, mobile payments, signature capture, image annotation, etc.

The dynamic nature of mobile apps allows you to condense multiple steps of your internal processes into a single app. In this regard, going digital allows you to streamline your workflow processes to create ease and efficiency.

Axonator is Here to Help!

If you are ready to take your quality control processes paperless, Axonator is the perfect solution. 

In the past, we have helped hundreds of manufacturing companies to streamline their quality control operations.

With a sleek UI, drag and drop interface, and intuitive user experience, we will help you to eliminate paper forms and checklists and improve productivity.  

Sign up for Axonator here today!

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