QR Code Based Ticket Raising

Versatile Axonator Helpdesk Management Software

The Axonator helpdesk management software is a valuable tool for a systematic and well-structured administration of the ticketing system and the fulfillment of service requests raised by the users using the app for this purpose. 

Ability To Raise Service Requests/Tickets By Smartphone

The key features of a helpdesk management software include the ability of the users to easily raise tickets or service requests by their smartphones in an intuitive and easy manner.  

This kind of functionality is completely fulfilled by the Axonator helpdesk management system which has the simplicity and ease of operation inbuilt in the app interface leading to widespread usage and consequently, the employees can raise any kind of service request for which the app has been configured and thus gain access to prompt service and a better work environment.

The app has a two faceted approach, first  one being directed towards the users who are able to raise their service requests on the go by using their smartphone and easily inform the service delivery personnel about the kind of issues they are facing and consequently opt for the resolution of the raised issues. 

The second approach used by the Axonator helpdesk management system is directed towards the helpdesk managers who can easily manage the tickets raised by the users using a desktop web-based interface specially developed by Axonator to aid the rapid resolution of the raised tickets and execute the successful completion of the service requests made by the users. 

Ticket management includes assigning the raised tickets to the correct technician, changing the status of the tickets, and monitoring and tracking the status of the tickets for faster and smoother resolution.

The feature-rich Axonator helpdesk management app is apt for companies who are aiming for smooth and systematic functioning of their helpdesk and enable their employees to easily raise every kind of service requests, pertaining to IT support, facility management issues, or any other kind of service delivery issues that they may encounter during their stay in the office and ensure a safe, secure and comfortable environment for them leading to better productivity and enhanced employee satisfaction.

QR Code Based System To Raise Tickets

To make the Axonator helpdesk management app simpler and convenient for the users, Axonator has added the unique functionality of raising the service requests or tickets by a QR code-based system. 

This has revolutionized the service delivery for the users as they can easily scan a QR code and the related form for filling up the ticket is instantly displayed on their smartphone. 

The QR-code based ticket raising functionality has been configured in our app and companies can easily implement this system in their office buildings or any premise in which the system needs to be implemented and the QR codes are strategically placed in the entire premises for the users to scan them in case they need to raise a ticket.

This highly effective and efficient system of helpdesk management enables the managers to analyze the type of service requests being raised by the users and figure out the most prominent or common issues that users are facing in that particular premise. 

Consequently, helpdesk managers are able to bolster the services concerning that particular sector and also ensure the availability of adequate technical support and workforce that is highly trained and experienced in solving the type of service issues for which there are a maximum number of tickets being raised by the users.

Not only this, but the users are able to raise tickets for every service category, it may be pertaining to the cleanliness of their workspace, solving any IT related hardware issues, or even requesting new stationery or any other material necessary for their working in the office. 

Unique Value Assigned To Every QR Code

Axonator helpdesk management software with the QR code-based functionality to raise service requests has been designed keeping in mind the convenience and intuitiveness for the benefit of app users. 

So, for every QR code that is placed on the premises, every QR code is assigned a unique value. This helps in the instant identification of the QR code by the app once it has been scanned by the app users. 

Due to this, the correct form for raising the associated service ticket instantly gets displayed on the app screen. Users can easily fill the displayed form and the unique value of the QR code also helps in the identification of the location of the QR code, along with the service category. 

This enables accurate and easy functioning of the helpdesk management system and users can easily raise the ticket for solving the issue. 

Card View Interface To Manage Tickets

A unique function of the helpdesk management software developed by Axonator is the card view interface targeting the smooth management of the tickets raised by the users and thus making life easier for the helpdesk managers. 

Managers can easily manage the raised tickets and get enhanced visibility of the entire process by getting a consolidated view of all the tickets that have been raised and their type, current status, and other information for better management of the entire process.

Helpdesk managers can easily assign tickets through a desktop web-based interface and change the status of any ticket by moving it to the intended column displaying its status just by the flick of their finger.

 Helpdesk managers can not only manage the ticketing system well with the card view interface but also get the ability to conduct a comprehensive and detailed analysis of the data that is generated and easily available through this process and submit the same to the higher management for taking fast and informed decisions to further refine and better the implemented ticketing system.

Customizable Escalation Matrix Designed For Every Company

The Axonator helpdesk management system is designed as per the requirements and unique processes that every company follows and so the app is configured as per their specific requirements. 

So, keeping in mind the SLA agreed upon by the company implementing the app and the vendor providing the service for which issues and tickets can be raised, a unique escalation matrix is designed. 

Once the thresholds defined in the escalation matrix are crossed, and the resolution of the raised service requests gets delayed beyond tolerance, the app is configured to automatically trigger the escalation matrix process and the related higher management is notified through the app so that the delayed issued can be resolved without any further delay. 

Automation As A Key Feature of The Axonator Helpdesk Management Software

To further strengthen the Axonator helpdesk management app, automation features can be configured in the app workflows to automate the assignment of the raised tickets as per the category of the service requests and keeping in mind the right technician who can effectively and swiftly resolve the ticket raised. 

This not only ensures a reduction in the workload of the helpdesk managers but also enhances the service delivery as no ticket is left unassigned or unattended by the helpdesk. 

Also, once the status of the ticket has been changed to closed, the app automatically notifies the user who raised that particular ticket and also the helpdesk manager and the completion email and report are also mailed to them.

Do More Than Just Manage Your HelpDesk

The Axonator helpdesk management system is designed to function much more than just a helpdesk management software and it goes a step further to equip the clients and companies using our app to gain more value through the implementation of our helpdesk management system.

This is achieved in the form of generation of comprehensive reports that detail out each and every critical parameter associated with helpdesk management and the ticketing system like analyzing the ticket traffic, evaluating the service ratings of the vendors, average ticket resolution time for each category of the service requests and much more.

Leverage The Axonator Advantage For Enhanced Helpdesk Management

The Axonator helpdesk management app is a valuable addition to any company aiming to enhance and streamline their helpdesk operations. 

The Axonator helpdesk management system is designed to generate valuable insights and business intelligence for companies to continuously refine and improve their systems and processes associated with helpdesk operations.

By leveraging automation and the enterprise mobility derived from the Axonator helpdesk management app, companies can enhance their service delivery and customer satisfaction levels, leading to efficient functioning and increased productivity of their employees which positively impacts their profitability.

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