Multi-Sectoral Implementation of CAFM

What is CAFM and its significance


Computer Assisted Facilities Management (CAFM) is a term used to denote a slew of Digital Transformation (DT) initiatives that Facility Management (FM) companies undertake to regularize routine tasks and processes and as well as complex software driven web-based applications that are encountered as a part of the daily operations of FM companies. The CAFM has applications in many sectors, and it is a mistake to limit the CAFM software to just one sector, i.e. Facility Management, as it has applications in various other sectors in which it is used to streamline and smooth different activities so as to ensure a successful DT implementation process.

About Cross Sector Implementation


As mentioned above, the CAFM software is used to run both web-based applications and other complex software in multiple sectors. Some of the sectors that a CAFM software is used in are mentioned below, along with their main applications. Please note that neither the list is exhaustive, nor the applications mentioned are. The list and applications given below are illustrated just to give the reader an idea about the vast potential of DT initiatives and how they are used in different business niches.

Space Management


CAFM software is used in Space management sectors, where owners of buildings and their representatives, like real estate agents, can plan the occupancy level in the buildings they are responsible for. Proper occupancy planning is used by these entities to keep buildings habitable and comfortable for people using such facilities and for positive outcomes reflected as a high ROI.

Real Estate


Real estate personnel use CAFM software in tandem with facility managers to keep the building systems and subsystems working properly so as to get positive client feedback and to ensure that whatever part of their buildings are occupied as residential or commercial spaces, people in such buildings don’t face any inconvenience. This strengthens their brand and encourages full occupancy levels in their buildings.

Capital Project Management


A CAFM is used in capital project management to ensure that whatever part of the buildings are completed, such parts may be occupied in advance so as to ensure that proper facility management services are provided to such building parts. Applicable in large construction project managements and infrastructure development, these uses of CAFM software in capital project management assume a great significance.

Building Systems and Subsystems


Complex building systems and subsystems are a part of any facility management system and to make sure that all the equipment and machinery associated with these are maintained properly so as to make them work in their prime condition. This helps in a quick reaction time in case such systems need to perform immediately (eg. fire sprinklers system) to douse any fire in the buildings.

Warehouse & Inventory Management


Functions related to warehouse management and inventory management are related in a fundamental way with any CAFM software. Facility managers need to ensure that their inventories are properly stored and maintained with adequate stock levels in the makeshift warehouses they may be responsible for in the building or cluster of buildings they are responsible for.

Asset Management


Tracking of any kind of assets in the FM operations is essential for smoother operations and systematic functioning of all the staff involved. With a CAFM software used for tracking of issued assets and assets under storage, facility managers ensure proper accountability and optimal resource use, leading to sustainable buildings.

Intelligent Buildings & Sustainability


Intelligent buildings employ a lot of sensors in equipment like DG sets, sensors for motion detection, cctvs for any kind of emergency response and much more. Facility managers use a CAFM to aid these advanced equipment and sensors for a more down to earth reporting of data collated from such systems and subsystems and therefore ensure that all related stakeholders are apprised of the costs associated with intelligent buildings.

Energy Management


CAFM software is used in energy management systems to ensure readings are collated and sent to various stakeholders and thus the energy consumption patterns can be studied to recognize the emerging trends and make strategic decisions for sustainable operations.



Computer assisted CAFM software integrated with a QR code reading app module gives high benefit in the hospitality industry. Patrons can know about new features hotels are offering, book their attendance for events and celebrations, explore the local culture and costumes, all just by scanning a QR code and CAFM software is used to streamline such requests.

Industrial Sector Applications


CAFM software is used by facility managers operating in an industrial environment. Under such circumstances, facility managers need to ensure proper maintenance of systems and subsystems so as to ensure industrial safety aspects and other related mechanisms are adhered to, for example, systems and processes for maintaining chemical manufacturing factories.



Supply chains endpoint most often end up in retail. The retail sector is an important application for the CAFM systems where the maintenance and upkeep of different malls, shopping complexes and others is entrusted to facility managers.

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