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Emma AndersonOctober 27, 2019

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Many businesses out there today are collecting data today with mobile forms instead of paper forms. But that’s not complete digital transformation

Replacing Pen & Paper

When mobile forms started replacing pen and paper, what enterprises wanted is simple tools that could help teams to gather data

From inspection to audit, these businesses started using online and offline tools to collect the data

Businesses began with simple alternatives like Google Forms. But when the requirements grew, the search for more sophisticated tools in the market kicked off

Enterprises with a decent budget & timeline chose to go the mobile development route. By decent budget, take the ballpark figure as $ 100,000+ and a timeline of 6 months to release the final version

The costs and months could certainly go up. So, businesses who didn’t have that kind of budget & timeframe started settling for off-the-shelf software

Well, these software came along with their own problems – since, they are designed to suit businesses in general, they might not fit your requirements exactly

There are trade-offs that you need to deal with, and one of the major tradeoffs could be restructuring your processes to accommodate the data collection software

It’s of course, easier said than done. Your teams will go through a lot of challenges in adopting the new software and data collection approaches

This doesn’t mean you should jump the gun and choose the mobile app development way, even if you have a budget & timeframe

I’ll tell you why – if your industry or business undergoes a change, then reconstructing an app will be another headache that you would want to avoid at all costs

The rise of custom mobile apps

When businesses were almost stuck between the devil and deep sea, a possible solution just emerged – custom mobile apps

Custom mobile apps are prebuilt apps that can be tailored to suit your needs. Axonator is one such online platform that allows you to create mobile apps just by drag & drop. No coding required at all

The advantage of platforms like Axonator is that it capacitates the user to customize the mobile form at any point in time

Why custom mobile apps?

There’s one major reason that makes it almost outstanding, but before that let me cover some other functionalities that this platform has got to offer:

Apart from the aforementioned benefits, businesses love Axonator for the intuitive dashboard it offers

LLK Group, one of the Axonator’s customers, have about 100 field agents collecting the data each day on mobile forms

LLK CIO – Danny Pine, commented, “We gather a large amount of data – only recently, we have got a chance to analyze the data collected after switching to Axonator platform. Drilling down the data into visual elements like graphs & charts have made the job easier for us by leaps and bounds”

He continued, “We struggled with analyzing the data earlier – we had to enter the data manually into spreadsheets, and then deploy tools to analyze data. This consumed so much of our time that we gave up on it. All we did was gather records. But with Axonator, the dashboard readily offers digestible data that is easy to understand.”

It’s not just about Danny’s inclination towards data visualization, almost any business would like to possess a tool that actively offers actionable insights without putting any extra efforts. This sounds cliche statement, but is very much relevant here – ‘A picture is worth a thousand words.’

Just imagine if someone gave you the units of your energy consumption from January to December in a table as against the graph for the same months

What would be quicker for you to analyze?

Learning from the data

Businesses using Axonator as a mobile form builder learn from the data captured, especially finding relationships between two variable is much easier

Not just between two variables, there might be patterns or trends that go unnoticed on various accounts. But powerful data visualization quickly help you identify such trends

One of the companies leveraging Axonator mobile form builder found out that the productivity of the field teams fluctuated and dropped due to the random location assigned for work

When this was analyzed through Axonator, the company made sure that field agents were assigned with the tasks based on their GPS locations – this boosted the productivity by almost 2.5X

That’s the power of analytics & data visualization that I am talking about

Data visualization can back you up on decision-making. Like the example mentioned above, it can help you recognize areas that require consideration or immediate improvement

Empowering decision-making

What’s more important is that you don’t need a separate tool to invest in to seek benefits of data visualization or analytics. Axonator offers it at no additional costs

Businesses figured out a variety of ways to gain maximum out of the intelligent dashboard that Axonator provisions

You could analyze the customer market, prices, location-based sales, and other factors if your sales reps are using Axonator mobile forms on the field

Enterprises are doing that. Predictive analytical insights gained are used to drive the growth strategies

Axonator has proved to be an excellent visual reporting tool. It’s easy to run a presentation by your CEO or top management with the dashboard at your fingertips

Another advantage is that visuals create a more impact than just plain numbers – it’s bound to stay in your memory for a longer time

Axonator permits you to pull data reports in pie charts, graphs, map-view, list-view, dials, gauges, heat maps, and more

You can also set different indicators in your reporting to set the intensity or frequency of any occurrence – use different colors to make it more appealing

Enterprises are doing all of this without any help from the IT department. You don’t need technical expertise anymore to learn from the data you have captured

Anyone using Axonator dashboard can access powerful visual data – just with clicks. No complications involved at all

If you still need solid reasons why you should be needing data visualization – when all you really require is a data collection tool, then here are a few reasons:

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