Mobile Forms Power Up GreenOwave’s Ambitious Solar Project

Sophia ClarkeApril 30, 2018

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GreenOwave - an enterprise drowning in the paper-based processes found an ultimate solution in mobile form apps. Interestingly, the company could achieve more than just replacing the paper forms with mobile forms - find out what happened to GreenOwave after their digital transformation!


Arizona is a state in the United States that enjoys the most cloud-free days & high insolation. Both of these conditions when combined, make it a perfect environment for generating solar power. A report from Ernst & Young, a consulting major, concluded that the United States is one of the most promising markets in the world for investing in renewable energy. Solar energy is one of the cheapest sources of power for residential & commercial establishments

A combination of the aforementioned factors makes Arizona a breeding market for companies dealing in solar power. Here’s an interesting case of one of such companies today

Introducing GreenOwave

GreenOwave is an EPC (engineering procurement construction) company dealing in solar power plants. GreenOwave has installed around 500+ solar plants in the USA. The installations have been of different types like rooftop solar systems and ground-mounted solar systems for agriculture, commercial, and residential projects

Since GreenOwave’s projects are spread across the country, it needed tools that would help them track different projects, monitor status, and help them complete the projects faster without any bottlenecks

Introduction to Mobile Form Apps

During one of the GreenOwave’s solar installation projects that help farmers to irrigate water on the farms, it used Axonator mobile form app for  data collection and documentation

Mobile Form Builder 1

GreenOwave’s major reason in switching to mobile form app was to make sure that the work was progressing in the way they wanted and enhance their efficiency in operations. The tracking of the installation and other related fieldwork became easier with Axonator mobile form app. The managers could have access to real-time data on their devices. The data collected on mobile devices through digital forms reached offices in no time just with few clicks

Killing More Than Two Birds With a Stone

The benefit of using Axonator mobile form app to GreenOwave has been manifold. Any equipment & material required on the installation site is sent from the GreenOwave’s office. The logistics in itself is a huge area that requires discipline in tracking. With Axonator’s mobile form app, the driver sends the dispatch form digitally whenever the material is delivered on the field. The installation team on the field confirms the delivery through their device. The manager tracking the shipment gets information in real-time, who can further update his report

The installation teams also make sure that the material and equipment delivered is in the proper condition. They can capture the photo of the material and add that to the Axonator  mobile form to validate the condition of the material, and then hand that to the concerned customer with their signature

There are other teams on the site whose job is to take care of everything right from the marking to digging. Each step has to be completed following certain predefined criteria. The checklist of the criteria is already fed into the forms. These criteria are followed by the teams at every stage, and everything gets documented

Digital Transformation & Strategic Decisions

Roger Sandler, CEO – GreenOwave, says, “The forms from the installation & inspection sites reach us almost immediately. Our managers can quickly review the forms and recommend the necessary actions if needed. The decision-making has really been blessed by Axonator mobile form application.”

“Our quality worries have been put to rest by mobile apps. Since the installation locations are spread across the country, it’s very difficult for the quality team to be present physically at each of these locations. But mobile forms allow the teams to supervise, track the status, take the necessary actions and remediate. So, basically, they control the quality from their desks. This is a real digital transformation for us.”

It is also interesting to know that GreenOwave’s status management has enhanced to a greater degree, and their compliance to the set norms have improved drastically. They have also been able to avoid delays that had become very frequent before they had introduced mobile forms for their operations. No minor problems turn into major ones for them with Axonator mobile form apps

Eliminating Erroneous Paperforms Completely

Before mobile form apps, GreenOwave had a tedious process of data collection, documentation, & reporting through paper forms. It became way much easier for them to do it with  mobile forms. Now, not only the work is done faster, but records are stored on the drive that can be accessed at any point in time. Data can be organized, filtered, and fetched with just clicks. The accuracy of the records has been greatly improved. There are no wrong invoices for GreenOwave anymore – which were a common thing because of manual errors on paper forms

On features such as timestamp & location, Roger commented, “The authenticity of the data being collected or documented has improved to a great extent. Adding timestamp, images, location, etc. makes the data more valuable. Signature is another important feature that can act as evidence and avoid conflicts later.��

GreenOwave sends reports to its customers with important data like timestamps, photos, location, etc. These reports are customized as they have the logo & name of the company. Reports have the look and feel of GreenOwave’s brand

Transparency & Accountability

Post-installation visits are scheduled through the mobile device itself. Notifications are sent to the maintenance team who visit the installation site on the scheduled date. The eforms are filled using mobile devices by the team. Further, the teams fix issues if there are any. More importantly, all of these actions are documented, which is further supported by photos captured on the mobile forms

Axonator | Digital Transformation

Mobile forms have been able to bring transparency not just internally within the teams, supervisors, leads, and managers, but also with customers and vendors

GreenOwave’s one for the major concerns before their  digital transformation was the cost of embracing mobile form application. After considering the costs, the next factor for GreenOwave was effectiveness

Customer Satisfaction: The Ultimate Goal

Roger says, “What we were worried about is whether this mobile form app will fit our processes. Since this was uncertain, we tried the trial version of Axonator. It was almost perfect for us. There were minor changes that we wanted – the Axonator team did a great job in customizing the app to match our requirements

This mobile app surpassed our expectations. Although these digital forms might have complex functionality, these are very easy to use for the teams. Teams could quickly learn it, and the mobile form app became functional so fast. We even integrated the app with our existing CRM to track inventory better.”

_“The work, monitoring, reporting, reviews, decision-making, etc. were easier than ever before. Even before the trial period could end, we implemented Axonator mobile form app full-fledged. Productivity certainly shot up, and what we loved was the improved CSAT score. Customer satisfaction is something that keeps GreenOwave moving forward.”_

Axonator - a Natural Choice for Enterprises Seeking Mobility Solutions

Our further discussion with GreenOwave revealed that they were initially interested in getting the application developed by a software development company, but the costs were too high and the time frame required to develop and release the final version of the app was around 6 months. It was a natural choice for GreenOwave to pick Axonator mobile form app that fit perfectly, rather than choosing a software development company who could have come up with a half-baked application after huge amounts of money & time

GreenOwave has been able to digitally transform with Axonator’s mobile form app. They have deployed  workflows that have automated most of their processes. They are quite satisfied with: a rise in productivity, happy customers, better compliance & reporting, strategic decision-making, better revenue opportunities, etc

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