Mobile Data Collection & Privacy Issues

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Mobile data collection apps have made considerable strides in the realm of digital transformation in recent years. Aspects that contribute to the popularity and success of such digital transformation initiatives include easy and simplicity of the operations of such mobile applications, that have both web-based and mobile interfaces for their ease of operations. However, another aspect of such digital platforms is that are largely bifurcated in low code and no code platforms is the privacy of the data that is processed through such data collection apps and what kind of security such platforms offer to their users.

Data Security Measures at the Backend


It is apparent that users of the popular data collection apps have no inkling of the data security measures that are implemented while the use of such kind of mobile data collection apps is warranted. This is one of the primary aspects of the usage of any data collection platforms, and the security of the data processed through such apps is often relegated to the background. In reality, the most reliable data collection platforms have stringent security measures in place along with a robust app architecture, and these are considered as hallmarks of any great data collection app platform.

So, how do these low-code/no-code platforms in the form of data collection apps secure your data and also are able to give a great user experience, securing data for the novices and also giving a great user-experience, which are able to integrate with external third-party platforms for enhancing their functionality?

Privacy & Security in Both Web and Mobile Based Platforms

It is presumed that all such kind of data collection application platforms, both web and mobile based process data in a systematic manner, making use of robust app architecture that they possess to erect such kind of security protocols that work seamlessly in the background, integrating with the existing systems of the users for a great and secure data transfer, from the field to the apps, or in more general terms, from the point of data collection to the mobile phone of the data gatherer/collector, and then subsequently from the phone of such data collection personnel to the server of the organization, that may be on-premise or located remotely.

Data collection through these apps is a simple and a straightforward process, however, the security protocols applied are intricate. Data is processed not only in the state of data storage, but also in the form of data transition taking place as mentioned in the above paragraph. This not only ensures that the data processed and stored is secure, but also is secure against any penetration attempts and ensures that the processed data/information cannot be targeted by cyber criminals.

Data Collection Apps Meeting Strict Regulatory Norms

The degree of security and privacy measures to be implemented depends on the type of the data collection app and the end use of the data that is being collected. For example, such types of security measures differ from on-premise data hosting organizations, where security requirements may be stringent due to the sensitive nature of data collected. Examples may include federal government data of the United States, or the hosting of the critical data regarding the population register, an exercise undertaken by the Indian central government. On the other hand, some of the organizations may not be working with such sensitive data, and yet seek stringent data protection measures, just like organizations working with health related data of users in the US that come under HIPAA regulations. This healthcare data is categorized as sensitive in nature and may require additional layers of protection in order to comply with the stringent requirements of the federal government of the United States and this is in addition to the general security parameters that are being implemented for general data privacy and security.

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